CURCULIONIDAE, Latreille, 1802

Westcott, Richard L., Parsons, Gary L. & Johnson, Paul J., 2006, New records and other notes for Oregon Coleoptera, Zootaxa 1142 (1), pp. 1-33: 15-18

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Acmaegenius granicollis Van Dyke. Harney Co., Denio   , 15­VIII­72, KJG. This species was previously only recorded from Wyoming ( Anderson 2002).

Anthonomus appositus Fall. Umatilla Co.   , 8 mi SW Echo, 19­V­76, on Chrysothamnus, KJG.  

Anthonomus rubidus LeConte. Wallowa Co., Troy   , 12­VII­89, beating Amelanchier or Crataegus, RLW.  

Carphonotus testaceus Casey. Santiam N   [ational] F[orest], 29­VIII­14, Pinus monticola, W. J. Chamberlin (OSAC)   .

Cylindrocopturus adspersus (LeConte)   . Baker Co., Dixie, 12­VII­67, sunflower; Deschutes Co., 15 mi E Sisters, 24­VIII­67, rabbitbrush, KJG; Lake Co., 1.3 mi N Valley Falls, 24­VII­70, Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus, RLW   ; Malheur Co., 20 mi E Juntura, 15­ VII­65, cocklebur, and 18 mi NW Vale, 20­VII­67, Chenopodium sp.   ; Umatilla Co., 4 mi E Hermiston, 31­VII­78, Helianthus sp., KJG (all ODAC); Wheeler Co., 14 mi W Mitchell, 3750, 13­VIII­29, Chrysothamnus sp.   , H. A. Scullen (OSAC).

* Diocalandra elongata (Roelofs)   . Multnomah Co., Portland, 9/11­VII­68, in bamboo stakes from Japan, FPL, RLW.

Dorytomus laticollis LeConte. Deschutes Co.   , 1 mi NW Indian Ford Campground, 3­ VII­75, RLP; Josephine Co., Rogue River, Griffin Co. Park, 27­V­80, RLW, on Populus trichocarpa   .

Dorytomus mucidus (Say)   . Malheur Co., Ontario, 12­V­60, sweeping alfalfa, KJG.

Dorytomus parvicollis Casey. Harney Co., SW Sec.   29, T18S, R33 1/2E, Calamity Creek near Van, 13­VII­76, Populus tremuloides   ; Wasco Co., Dufur City Park, 6­VI­77, RLW.

Dorytomus vagenotatus Casey. Harney Co.   , 10 mi N Burns, 24­VII­69, RLW.

Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus Kuschel. Malheur Co., Little Valley   , 26­VII­69, near hot spring, KJG.

Listronotus humilis (Gyllenhal)   . Klamath Co., Lake of The Woods, 11­VI­39, L. G. Gentner (OSAC); Malheur Co., 15 mi SW Vale, 12­V­73, BLT; Umatilla Co., Hermiston, 12­ VI­69, BLT, KJG.

Lixus concavus Say. Harney Co., Ten Cent Lake, E   side of Steens Mt., 25­V­50, KMF (OSAC).

Macrorhyncolus littoralis (Broun)   . Clatsop Co., Del Rey State Park , 24­XI­2000, under beach debris, B. Smith ( BJS)   .

Magdalis gracilis LeConte. This   species was mentioned to occur in Oregon by Schuh and Mote (1948); however, we have found no other reference to its occurrence here. Confirming records are Jackson Co., Ashland, 11­V­51, peach leaves, G. Nichols; Josephine Co., 4.3 mi SW Merlin, 27­V­91, G. McLoughlin. Reports of it in Idaho and British Columbia ( Hatch 1971) probably refer to a related species and need to be confirmed.

Magdalis inconspicua Horn. One   specimen, Josephine Co., Rogue River, Griffin Co. Park, 27­V­80, beating Populus trichocarpa, RLW.  

** Naupactus godmanni (Crotch)   . This introduced weevil was listed from southwestern Oregon by Hatch (1971), based on U.S. Government reports issued in 1941 and 1953. He did not see specimens from the Pacific Northwest. The only specimens we have seen are four from Curry Co., Brookings, collected in 1942 and 1946. This insect may no longer be established in the state.

Notiodes limatulus (Gyllenhal)   . Harney Co., Burns, 5­VI­62, grassland; Alvord Hot Springs, 9 mi N Andrews, 11­VI­64; Borax Hot Lake, 17­VI­62, reed margins of hot

springs; Linn Co., Monument Peak, 2­VIII­69, near waterfall; Malheur Co., Little Valley, 26­VII­69, near hot spring; Union Co., Hot Lake, 12­VI­56, KJG.

Ophryastes varius LeConte. Harney Co.   , 3 mi S Fields, 20­VII­76; Lake Co., Alkali Lake, 9­VII­75, Atriplex confertifolia, KJG.  

Orthoris crotchii LeConte. Josephine Co.   , Illinois River State Park, 17­VII­83, Mentzelia laevicollis   ; Rough & Ready Botanical Wayside, 5 mi S Cave Jct., 24­VI­78, RLW; Klamath Co., Odell Lake, 4­VIII­68, KJG.

** Otiorhynchus raucus (Fabricius)   . Hood River Co., Parkdale, Baseline Road, V­94, G. L. Parsons, on strawberries, cane berries and fruit trees (ODAC, OSAC). This introduced species was first reported in the U.S. based on specimens from Lewiston, Idaho collected in 1987 ( Anderson 1991).

Panscopus bakeri Buchanan. Benton Co., Marys Peak   , 20­VI­70; Lincoln Co., m.p. 2, Schooner Cr. Road, NW, NE Sec. 25, T7S, R11W, 20 m, 30­V­99; Multnomah Co., Larch Mt., 4000, 20­VII­69, RLW.

Panscopus squamifrons Pierce. Klamath Co.   , Upper Klamath Lake (Algoma), 11­IV­62, Artemisia litter, J. Schuh (OSAC).

** Rhinoncus pericarpius (Linnaeus)   . Benton Co., Corvallis, 1­VIII­83; Marion Co., S. Salem, Croisan Gulch, 17­VII­76, RLW. This is an introduced species, in the Pacific Northwest heretofore recorded only from Washington ( Hatch 1971).

Scaphomorphus trivittatus (Say)   . Umatilla Co., 15 mi S Hermiston, 15­V­80, KJG. This species is widespread and apparently common in the western U.S. and Canada ( Anderson 1988), so we are surprised to have seen only one specimen from Oregon   .

Smicronyx seriatus LeConte. Jackson Co., Sams Valley   , 16­V­61, sweeping alfalfa, L. G. Gentner (OSAC).

Sphenophorus cicatristriatus Fåhraeus. Marion Co., Salem   , 7­X­97, RLW; Sherman Co., Rufus, 5­V­72, RLP; Umatilla Co., Hermiston, 22­VI­78, KJG.

Tachyerges ephippiatus (Say)   . Marion Co., Willamette Mission State Park, 23­VII­80; Umatilla Co., 9­10 mi SE Echo, 8­VII­86 & 6­V­87, all on Populus trichocarpa, RLW.  

Temnocerus naso (Casey)   . Hamilton (1994) stated that this species (treated in Pselaphorhynchites) occurs in Oregon, but his distribution map, which is based on specimens he

examined, indicates otherwise. It was not recorded from Oregon in Hamilton’s (1971) revision. Apparently its occurrence here is based solely on two specimens in USNM labeled “ Oregon Koebele” ( R. W. Hamilton, S. W. Lingafelter, in litt.). Likely it occurs in the southwestern part of the state   .

Thricolepis simulator Horn. Wasco Co., The Dalles   , 8­VII­48, Davis & Hammond. This species has only been documented from California ( Anderson 2002).

** Tychius meliloti Stephens. Wasco Co.   , 7 mi E The Dalles, 7­VI­99, sand dunes, RLW. The first published U.S. record for this introduced European species was by Rolston et al. (2002), who reported it being collected near Havre, Montana in 2000. It is of widespread occurrence in Canada ( Anderson and Howden 1994, first records for North America).

Tychius soltaui Casey. Harney Co.   , 4 mi E Riley, 14­VI­68, duff under Eriogonum sp.   , KJG.

Zascelis irrorata LeConte. Jackson Co., Roxy Ann Peak   , near Medford, 18­VI­69, FPL, BLT; Josephine Co., Grants Pass, 8­VII­68, BLT, and Rough & Ready Botanical Wayside, (3­4)­VI­72, RLW. This species was recorded from California and Colorado to Honduras ( O'Brien and Wibmer 1982).


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile