ELATERIDAE, Leach, 1815

Westcott, Richard L., Parsons, Gary L. & Johnson, Paul J., 2006, New records and other notes for Oregon Coleoptera, Zootaxa 1142 (1), pp. 1-33: 19-21

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Agriotella californica (Schaeffer)   . Schaeffer (1917) and Brown (1933) gave only California localities, all from the western foothills and lower elevations of the Sierra Nevada; Lane and Lanchester (1971) did not list this species. Collections from southwestern Oregon are: Jackson County, 14 mi W Brownsboro, 8­V­95; Obenchain Road near Brownsboro, T35S, R1E, Sec. 35, 8­V­95, beaten from Viburnum ellipticum   ; Blackwell Hill, vic. Gold Hill [town], 8­V­95; Hwy I­5 & Calif. border, 29­V­80; 10.4 mi N Trail, 975 m, 22­ VI­78, R.L. Westcott; 9.5 mi NE Ashland (I­5) 23­VI­78; T36S, R3E, Sec. 34, 3200', 9­ VII­78, all RLW; Roxy Ann Peak, near Medford, 24­25­VI­70, Brown & Westcott, Purshia tridentata   ; Squaw Lake, T41S, R3W, Sec. 2, 22­VI­64; 10 mi. E Ashland, 30­IV­64, beating oak, KJG (all ODAC, PJJC).

Ampedus fastus LeConte. Jackson Co., Hwy.   I­5 & California border, 29­V­80, beating Quercus kelloggii   ; Josephine Co., Rough & Ready Botanical Wayside, 5 mi S Cave Jct., 3­ 4­VI­72 & 24­VI­78, RLW.

Cardiophorus nevadensis Brown. Crook Co., Prineville   , 26­V­64, beating juniper, KJG.

Cardiophorus stigmaticus Candeze. Wasco Co.   , 7 mi E The Dalles, 10­IV­69, RLW.

Ctenicera nunenmacheri (Van Dyke)   . Jackson Co., Hwy I­5 & Calif. border, 29­V­80, beating Ceanothus integerrimus, RLW (ODAC, PJJC)   .

Ctenicera rupestris (Germar)   . Since the older references to its occurrence in Oregon were nonspecific and given at a time prior to statehood (i.e. at the time of the old Oregon Territory), we provide the following verification: Grant Co., SE, NE 1/4 Sec. 24, T14S, R28E, 22­V­80, under bark Pinus ponderosa, (PJJC)   ; Wallowa Co., Imnaha, 6­V­76, KJG.

Ctenicera sagitticollis (Eschscholtz)   . Clackamas Co., Government Camp, 22­VI­62, F. M. and V. S. Beer; Hood River Co., Mt. Hood, Still Cr. For. Camp, 23­VII­55, S. G. Jewett (PJCC); Lane Co., Hwy. 58, 3 mi W summit Willamette Pass, 14­VI­66, KJG; Linn Co., Monument Peak G. S. [site], Sec. 21, T10S, R4E, dense hemlock­fir forest, 16­VII­74, RLW, and 10 mi S Marion Forks, 3700, hemlock­fir forest, 21­VII­74, RLP & RLW; Marion Co., 3 mi W Breitenbush Lake, ex. alpine fir, 5­VI­66, KJG.

Ctenicera xanthoma (Horn)   . Benton Co., 1/ 2 mi E Sulphur Springs, 8­V­75, RLP.

Dalopius corvinus Brown. Linn Co., Monument Peak, Sec.   21, T10S, R4E, 18­VII­74, beating branches of Abies, Tsuga   , and Pseudotsuga, RLW.  

Dalopius improvidus Brown. Curry Co.   , 1 mi S Carpenterville, 17­IV­77, PJJC; Josephine Co., 11 mi. N Grants Pass, 26­V­80, RLW.

Dalopius insolens Brown. Deschutes Co., Smiling River   forest camp, Metolius River., 13­VI­67, K.M. & D.M. Fender (PJJC); Multnomah Co., Horsetail Falls, 8­IV­64, FPL.

Dalopius insulanus Brown. Yamhill Co.   , 2.3 mi NNW Grand Ronde Agency, 4­V­82, on grass, RLW.

Dalopius plutonicus Brown. Linn Co., Tombstone Prairie   , 4000, 5­IX­63, KJG.

Dalopius spretus Brown.   Washington Co., North Plains, 25­V­58, BLT, KJG.

Dalopius suspectus Brown. Crook Co., Ochoco   Divide forest camp, Ochoco National Forest, 9­VII­67; Deschutes Co., Smiling River forest camp, Metolius R., 13­VI­67; Wizard Falls hatchery, Metolius R., 15­VI­67; K.M. & D.M. Fender (PJJC); 1 mi W Camp Sherman, 8­VI­89; Wallowa Co., Wenaha River near Troy, 13­VII­89, RLW.

Dalopius tristis Brown. Columbia Co.   , 6 mi SW Rainier, 4­V­67, pine plantation,; Jackson Co., 10 mi W Copper, 22­V­64, beating cedar,; Lincoln Co., Newport, 13­V­64, beating willow, KJG, and 24­V­67, resting on pine, Brown & KJG; Linn Co., Monument Peak, G.S., Sec. 21, T10S, R4E, 18­VII­74; Tillamook Co., Sec. 8, T1S, R10W, ridge NW Flowerpot Creek, 17­VII­82, RLW.

Dalopius usitatus Brown. Jackson Co.   , 10.4 mi N Trail, 975 m, 22­VI­78, RLW.

Dolerosomus blaisdelli (Van Dyke)   . Hood River Co., 8 mi S Hood River, 18­23­VII­73, RLP; Odell, 27­VII­73, FPL.

Elathous californicus Van Dyke. Lake Co.   , 2 mi E Lakeview, 1­VIII­68, blacklight trap, KJG & RLW.

Megapenthes elegans Horn. Lincoln Co., Gleneden Beach   , 18­VII­70, K. L. Westcott; Tillamook Co., Cape Lookout, 7­VIII­83, trunk of dead spruce on beach, RLW.

Pseudanostirus californicus (Brown)   . Josephine Co., Hayes Hill, 12 mi NE Cave Junction, 4­VI­72, RLW.

Pseudanostirus nigricollis (Bland)   . Deschutes Co., Deschutes Nat. Forest, Tumalo Falls Camp, 29­VII­41, H. & F. Daniels (PJJC).

Pseudanostirus pudicus (Brown)   . Baker Co., Lookout Mtn., 15­VII­80, P. J. Johnson, PJJC; Crook Co. NW1/4Sec.22, T13S, R19E, Ochoco N.F., 12­VI­78, R.L. Penrose; Grant Co., 3.7 mi E John Day, 17­VI­82, on Crataegus (ODAC)   ; Oregon Mine Camp, 20­VII­ 85, P.J. Johnson (PJJC); Harney Co., 17 mi N Burns, 5300, 16­VI­82, RLW; Buchanan, 4­ VIII­76, KJG; Klamath Co., Stewart­Lennox, 6­VI­72, beating Cercocarpus betuloides, RLW   ; Lake Co., Drews Reservoir, 13­V­59, chokecherry, KJG; Union Co., 10 mi SE La Grande, 12­VI­68, Prunus virginiana   ; Wasco Co., Mill Creek, 8 mi SW The Dalles, 22/23­ V­71, RLW.

Pseudanostirus tigrinus (Fall)   . This species and P. nebraskensis (Bland) were described from widely separated localities, in California and northern parts of the old Nebraska Territory (now Montana), respectively. Both names are applied to populations in the western United States and Canada, in contrast to P. triundulatus (Randall)   (a boreal forest species in Canada and northeastern portions of the United States), although it has been erroneously recorded in the Pacific Northwest ( Lane and Lanchester 1971). Brown (1936), using morphological traits of the antenna, overall size, and pubescence patterns, kept P. nebraskensis and P. tigrinus   specifically distinct, but suggested that P. tigrinus   may best be treated as a subspecies of P. nebraskensis. Although we saw specimens collected from the same general area that appear intermediate (indicating one variable species), until an adequate revision of Pseudanostirus   of North America can be completed we are retaining Brown’s treatment. Among others, we examined specimens attributable to P. nebraskensis from Baker Co., Baker, 4­VI­59, on willow, KJG; Crook Co., Ochoco Mts., Crystal Creek, NW Sec. 8, T13S, R20E, 9­VI­82; Deschutes Co., 20 mi S Bend, 27­V­64, beating pine, KJG; and to P. tigrinus   from Jefferson Co., Sec. 9, T13S, R10E, 24­V­78, beaten from dead and dying Pinus ponderosa, RLP   ; Wasco Co., Wapinitia, 3­VI­59, juniper, KJG; Wheeler Co., Ochoco Nat. For., Pisgah Lookout, 17­VII­71, RLW.

Selatosomus edwardsi (Horn)   . Jackson Co., Rogue Riv. N.F., SW Sec. 17, T35S, R4E & Sec. 17, T35S, R4E, Mud Springs, 28­V­80, RLW; Marion Co., 2 mi W & 4 mi NE Mehama, 12­V­72, RLP & RLW.

Selatosomus semimetallicus (Walker)   . Baker Co., Pine Creek, 14 mi W Baker, 6000, 25­ VII­68, Goeden & Westcott; Clatsop Co., Saddle Mt., 14­VI­69, RLW; Union Co., 12 mi SE La Grande, 15­VI­67, chokecherry bloom, KJG; Wallowa Co., S Sec. 7, T2N, R44E, 4­ VII­79, RLW.

Zorochros caurinus (Horn)   . Linn Co., Rock Creek , 400 m, NW Sec. 1, T9   S, R3   E, under rocks by creek, 6­VII­2002, RLW ( ODAC, PJJC)   .


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Westcott, Richard L., Parsons, Gary L. & Johnson, Paul J. 2006


Dolin 1964