HISTERIDAE, Gyllenhaal, 1808

Westcott, Richard L., Parsons, Gary L. & Johnson, Paul J., 2006, New records and other notes for Oregon Coleoptera, Zootaxa 1142 (1), pp. 1-33: 22-23

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.1142.1.1

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Geomysaprinus pectoralis (LeConte)   . Union Co., nr. Thief Valley Res., 5­VI­81, KJG.

Hetaerius exiguus Mann. Marion Co.   , 2 mi W Mehama, with ants, 9­V­75, RLW.

** Platylomalus aequalis (Say)   . Multnomah Co., Portland (port vicinity and warehouse

sites), alpha­pinene/ethanol lure, 11­XI­97; 30­IV­98, ODAPMS. Based upon the recorded distribution, from the Rocky Mountains to the eastern seaboard ( Kovarik and Caterino 2001), this species could be introduced to Oregon.

Xerosaprinus acilinea (Marseul)   . Harney Co., Steens Mt., 0.5 mi E Fish Lake, 7200, 8­ VII­47, F. Ellertson; Umatilla Co., [Milton]­Freewater, 8­X­14, G. F. Moznette (OSAC). LATRIDIIDAE  

Latridius suspectus (Fall)   . Benton Co., Corvallis, wood rat nest, 13­27­VI­49, R. D. Walters; Gilliam Co., Condon, 5­II­54, Every & Lauderdale (OSAC).