NITIDULIDAE, Latreille, 1802

Westcott, Richard L., Parsons, Gary L. & Johnson, Paul J., 2006, New records and other notes for Oregon Coleoptera, Zootaxa 1142 (1), pp. 1-33: 24

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* Aethina tumida Murray. Jackson Co.   , vic. Medford, 18­IV­2005, ex beehive, J. Jacob. Reportedly the infestation has been eradicated (Commodity Inspection Division, Oregon Department of Agriculture ). This beehive pest, commonly known as the small hive beetle, is native to sub­Saharan Africa. It was first found in the U.S. in South Carolina in 1996 ( Hood 2004). Since then, it has spread throughout much of the eastern USA   .

** Carpophilus dimidiatus Fabricius. Multnomah Co., Portland   , 19­V­37, flour mill, R. L. Furniss (OSAC). According to Hatch (1962), who listed this species only from western Washington, this species is introduced.

Carpophilus lugubris Murray. Clackamas Co.   , Oregon City, 5­VI­59, bait cup­peach, H. Foster; Deschutes Co., 5 mi E Black Butte, 17­V­56, KJG; Jackson Co., Medford, 9­IX­69, fermenting peach, RLW; Umatilla Co., 1 mi N Milton­Freewater, 21­IX­54, sweet clover, R. L. Stephenson; Wasco Co., The Dalles, 16­VIII­64, on sweet corn, D. Hammond. Hatch (1962) included this species only from southeastern Washington.

Epuraea depressa (Illiger)   . Baker Co., 14 mi W Baker, 14­VII­67, BLT, KJG; Clackamas Co., Oregon City, 12­VI­59, BLT, H. Foster; Clatsop Co., Ft. Stevens State Park, 2­VI­71, Penrose & Westcott; Coos Co., 8 mi N Bandon, 15­IX­59, on Baccharis, R. K. Eppley   ; Jackson Co., Colestin, 5­VI­58, Ceanothus velutinus, KJG   ; Lincoln Co., Newport, 13­V­ 64, beating coast pine; Tillamook Co., Cape Lookout, 25­IV­71, RLW; Washington Co., No. Plains, 15­IV­62, under board, KJG.

Lobiopa insularis (Laporte)   . This species was listed from Oregon in Downie and Arnett (1996), but without a specific locality: Marion Co., Salem, 14­VII­70, RLW.

Lobiopa undulata (Say)   . Multnomah Co., Portland, 3­IX­68, BLT.

Thalycra leechi Howden. Marion Co., Sec.   36, T7S, R2W, nr. Macleay, BLT.