TENEBRIONIDAE, Latreille, 1802

Westcott, Richard L., Parsons, Gary L. & Johnson, Paul J., 2006, New records and other notes for Oregon Coleoptera, Zootaxa 1142 (1), pp. 1-33: 28-29

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Blapstinus substriatus Champion.   Specimens going under this name apparently have not been recorded from Oregon. However, according to Davis (1970) B. gregalis Casey   is conspecific, and that species was recorded by Hatch (1965) as being common in the entire Pacific Northwest. Davis (1970) listed B. substriatus   from several Oregon counties, and specimens determined as that species by him are in ODAC and OSAC.

Chilometopon abnorme Horn. Harney Co., T   34S, R35E, S10 NE, 3­VIII­79 and T36S, R35E, S18 DNW, 7­VIII­79, ex. night light, J. J. Smith & N. Cobb (OSAC).

Diaperis californica Blaisdell. Four   specimens from BLT in Jackson Co., Medford, 28­ VI­64 and Roxy Ann Peak, near Medford, 21­VI­69, FPL; Josephine Co., Grants Pass, 4­ VII­65, KJG (ODAC, USNM). This beetle was previously known only in California, from Tulare Co. north to Shasta Co. ( Triplehorn 1965).

Eleodes longipilosa Horn. Harney Co.   , various sites in the Alvord Desert, T34S and T36S in R35E, 27­V to 25­VIII­79, mostly in dunes, Lightfoot & Cobb (OSAC). Malheur Co., Owyhee River Road, 19­V­49, J. E. Davis; 7 mi E Brogan, 27­III­70, KJG.

Isomira comstocki Papp. Jackson Co., Butte Falls   , 11­VI­39, L. G. Gentner; Jefferson Co., 5 mi W Suttle Lake, 8­VII­39, Gray and Schuh; Josephine Co., nr. Hugo, 30­V­52, V. Roth; Lake Co., Hart Mt., 17­VI­38, and Summer Lake, 16­VI­38; Wasco Co., 24­V­38, Gray & Schuh (OSAC).

Megeleates sequoiarum Casey. This   curious­looking beetle has been recorded only from California ( Aalbu et al. 2002). We have seen it from Benton Co., McDonald Forest: 5 mi N Corvallis, 11­II­56, R. G. Mitchell, in Fomes pinicola   ; Oak Creek area, 3­II to 22­III­73, 4­III & 23­IX­75; 26­I & 6­II­77; Sulfur Springs Road, 26­I & 26­II­79, G. L. Peters, in rotting oak logs associated with Ganoderma applanatum   ; Finley Wildlife Refuge, 8 mi S Corvallis, 12­XII­76, L. K. Russell; Marion Co., 3 mi E Brooks, 18­VII­71, B. Brown, BLT; Polk Co., Eola Hills, near Holman Wayside, 29­VIII­71, RLW, in Ganoderma lucidum   ; Yamhill Co., 6 mi NE and 4 mi S Newberg, 5­VIII­66 and 7­VII­69, BLT, KJG (GLPC, ODAC, OSAC).

Oxygonodera hispidula (Horn)   . Harney Co., [Alvord Desert] Sec. 8, T36S, R35E, 7/8­ VIII­79, Cobb & Lightfoot (OSAC). Lake Co., 9 mi E Adel, 15­VII­76; Umatilla Co., Hermiston, 20­X­69, plant debris, and 5 mi SE Hermiston, 4­VII­74, ex. anthill, KJG. Members of this genus had been recorded only from Utah ( Aalbu et al. 2002).

Philolithus haruspex (Casey)   . Harney Co., T36S, R35E, N Sec. 8, dunes, 7­VIII­79, Lightfoot & Cobb; Alvord Basin, T37S, R33E, W Sec. 29, 29­IV­79, Cobb & Lightfoot; and several other collections from nearby areas in the Alvord Desert (OSAC). In the Pacific Northwest, this species was previously known only from SW Idaho.

Pseudocistela pinguis (LeConte)   . Baker Co., 10 mi NW Baker, 11­VII­53, Roth & Beer; Benton Co., 10­15 mi W Philomath, 20­VII­53, V. Roth (OSAC).

Stenomorpha consobrina (Horn)   . Harney Co., Hart Mtn. Antelope Refuge, Warner Valley, 24­VIII­54, Otto C. Nelson (OSAC). Hatch (1965) suggested that S. oregonensis (Casey)   could be a synonym of this species.













Westcott, Richard L., Parsons, Gary L. & Johnson, Paul J. 2006

B. gregalis

Casey 1890