Tomosvaryella kuthyi Aczél, 1944, Aczel, 1944

Motamedinia, Behnam, Skevington, Jeffrey H. & Kelso, Scott, 2021, Revision of Tomosvaryella Aczél (Diptera: Pipunculidae) in the Middle East, with description of 19 new species, Zootaxa 5002 (1), pp. 1-103: 43-44

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Tomosvaryella kuthyi Aczél, 1944


Tomosvaryella kuthyi Aczél, 1944  

Figs 23A–D View FIGURE 23 , 57 View FIGURE 57

Diagnosis: This species can be recognized by elongated surstyli and epandrium in dorsal view ( Fig. 23A View FIGURE 23 ); long subepandrial sclerite mostly covered by dense hair in ventral view ( Fig. 23B View FIGURE 23 ); unequal gonopods, left is higher than right one in ventral view ( Fig. 23B View FIGURE 23 ); both surstyli normally curved in lateral view ( Fig. 23C‒D View FIGURE 23 ). Based on the shape of the surstyli in dorsal view, this species is related to the kuthyi species group, Tomosvaryella cyprusensis   sp. nov., T. emaratensis   sp. nov., T. freidbergi   , T. hispanica   , T. israelensis   and T. parakuthyi   . It differs from these species by the shape of surstyli in lateral view, slightly narrow, being smoothly curved ( Fig. 23C‒D View FIGURE 23 ). See diagnosis of T. emaratensis   sp. nov. and T. cyprusensis   sp. nov. for more details.

Specimens examined: CYPRUS: Kyrenia, 35°21’N, 33°09’E, 1‒8.x.2017, O. Ozden, Malaise trap, JSS52335 View Materials – 6, JSS52338 View Materials –9 (4♂, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; 19‒25.v.2017, O. Ozden, Malaise trap, JSS52326 View Materials (1♂, CNC)   ; 22‒29.x.2017, O. Ozden, Malaise trap, JSS52359 View Materials (1♂, CNC)   ; 3‒, O. Ozden, Malaise trap, JSS52331 View Materials (1♂, USNM)   ; IRAN: Ker- manshah: Dodan, 35°00’N, 46°12’E, 1011 m a.s.l., Garden , 20.v.2016, M. Zardouei, Malaise trap, JSS52176 View Materials (1♂, CNC) GoogleMaps   ;, M. Zardouei, Malaise trap, JSS52183 View Materials –4, JSS52181 View Materials (2♂, 1♀, CNC)   ; Ghazanchi , 34°26’N, 47°00’E, 1304 m a.s.l.,, M. Zardouei, Malaise trap, JSS51941 View Materials (1♀, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; North Khorasan: Biar , 37°53’N, 57°35’E, 1008 m a.s.l., 10‒, B. Motamedinia, Malaise trap, JSS52015, JSS52019 (2♂, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; Darkesh , 37°26’N, 56°44’E, 23.vii.2016, B. Motamedinia, sweeping, JSS52032, JSS52035 (1♂, 1♀, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; Ge- lian, 37°15’N, 57°55’E, 1283 m a.s.l., 8‒22.vii.2016, B. Motamedinia, Malaise trap, JSS51994, JSS51986 (2♂, CNC, USNM) GoogleMaps   ; Sistan & Baluchestan: Zabol , 31°07’N, 61°28’E, 481 m a.s.l.,, H. Derafshan, sweep net, JSS51877 View Materials (1♀, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; South Khorasan: Mohammadieh , 32°52’N, 59°01’E, 1419 m a.s.l., 3‒17.vii.2016, B. Motamedinia, funnel Malaise trap, JSS51974 View Materials (1♂, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; Salmanefarsi , 32°30’N, 59°13’E,, B. Mota- medinia, sweep net, JSS52029 View Materials (1♀, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; Tehran: Shahriar , 35°39’N, 51°01’E, 20.vii.2012, E. Gilasian, Malaise trap, JSS52219 View Materials (1♀, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; ISRAEL: Arava Valley , 0.2 km N. Hazeva Field School, small wadi, 30°46’N, 35°14’E, - 116 m a.s.l., 30.iii.1995, M. E. Irwin, Malaise trap, JSS52062 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Arava Valley, Iddan , wadi running east of date palm orchard, 30°48’N, 35°16’E, - 110 m a.s.l., 23.iii.1995, M. E. Irwin, Malaise trap, JSS51814 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Arava Valley, Iddan, Small wadi, 2.4 km. W. of hwy. 90 at km 149, 30°42’N, 35°11’E, - 60 m a.s.l., 16.iv.1995, M. E Irwin, hand net, JSS51727 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; B. S. Hazeva, 13.iii.1998, S. Alfi, JSS51795 View Materials (1♂, TAU)   ; Deir Sha- man 500m N near Yarden , 32°02’N, 35°30’E, 15.iii.2005, L. Friedman, JSS51759 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; En Mor , 30°49’N, 34°46’E,, A. Freidberg, JSS52087 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Eshkolot , 31°23’N, 34°45’E, 29.v.2002, A. Freidberg, JSS51693 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Hadera Berekhat Atta , 32°26’N, 34°55’E, 1.v.1998, A. Freidberg, JSS52088 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Herzliyya Hill , 32°09’N, 34°50’E, 11.v.2007, A. Freidberg, JSS51798 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Holon , 16.ii.1995, A. Freidberg, JSS51772 View Materials (1♂, TAU)   ; Isfiya , 32°43’N, 35°04’E, 450 m a.s.l., 21.v.2010, A. Freidberg, JSS52118 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; La- trun, 31°49’N, 34°58’E, 10.iii.2004, L. Friedman, JSS52119 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Maagar Bental , 7.v.2007, L. Friedman, JSS51794 View Materials (1♂, TAU)   ; Maalot , 33°00’N, 35°17’E, 580 m a.s.l., 25.v.2009, A. Freidberg, JSS51741 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nahal Dishon, Rt. 886, 33°03’N, 35°30’E, 22.v.1998, A. Freidberg, light trap, JSS51713 View Materials –4 (2♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nahal Oren , 32°43’N, 35°02’E,, A. Freidberg, JSS51784 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; 30.v.1995, A. Freidberg, JSS52070 View Materials (1♂, TAU)   ; Nahal Oren , river bed, 32°43’N, 35°02’E, 14.v.2002, A. Freidberg, JSS51712 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nahal Qidron , 31°42’N, 35°20’E,, A. freidberg, JSS52074 View Materials –5 (2♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nahal Tavor , south facing slope, 32°39’N, 35°27’E, 26.iii.2002, L. Friedman, JSS51706 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nahal Teqoa, Maale Rehavam , 31°39’N, 35°15’E, 460 m a.s.l., 31.iii.2009, A. Freidberg, JSS51743 View Materials –4 (2♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nahal Teqoa , 31°38’N, 35°14’E, 650 m a.s.l., 31.iii.2009, L. Friedman, JSS51742 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nahal Yeelim , 31°14’N, 35°14’E, 20.iv.2011, A. Freidberg, JSS51745 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nahal Yitav spill, 31°55’N, 35°31’E, 16.iii.2005, I. Zonstein, JSS51778 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; L. Friedman , JSS51779 View Materials –80 (2♂, TAU)   ; Nahal Zedim, Bitronot Ruhama , 31°33’N, 34°41’E, 5.iv.2005, A. Freidberg, JSS51787 View Materials –8 (2♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; L. Friedman , JSS51789 View Materials (1♂, TAU)   ; Nahal lyyon, HaTamur Waterfall , 33°16’N, 35°34’E, 15.iii.2011, A. Freidberg, JSS51760 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nizzanim Nature Reserve , 31°43’N, 44°36’E, 25 m a.s.l., sand dune swales, 11.v.2005, M.E. Irwin, hand net, CNCD157658 (1♂, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; Nizzanim, D. Dunes , 31°45’N, 34°38’E, 6.iv.2009, A. Freidberg, light trap, JSS52099, JSS51734 –5 (3♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Nizzanim , 31°45’N, 34°38’E,, L. Friedman, light trap, JSS51733 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Panyas , 33°14’N, 35°40’E,, A. Freidberg, JSS52094 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Park Rosh ha Ayin , 16.iv.1993, A. Freidberg & F. Kaplan, JSS51766 View Materials (1♂, TAU)   ; Qalya , 31°45’N, 35°27’E,, I. Yarom & A. Freidberg, JSS52092 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Ramot Naftali , 33°06’N, 35°33’E, 13.v.1998, A. Freidberg, JSS51708 View Materials –9, JSS52083 View Materials –4 (4♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Tel Maresha, Bet Guvrin , 31°36’N, 34°53’E, 30.iii.2002, A. Freidberg, JSS51717 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Tel Qeshet , 31°32’N, 34°45’E, 163m, 18.iii.2010, A. Freidberg, JSS51747 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Timna , 29°46’N, 34°58’E, 18.iii.1995, A. Freidberg, JSS51777 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Umm el Ghanam , 32°40’N, 35°24’E, on Polygonum arenastrum   , 26.v.2005, L. Friedman, Malaise trap, JSS51793 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Wadi Ahmar near Yarden , 32°01’N, 35°30’E, 15.iii.2005, L. Friedman, JSS51783 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Zafririm , 31°39’N, 34°56’E, 30.iii.2002, A. Freidberg, JSS51719 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Zin Wilderness Nakhal Zin at En Akrabim cane-covered sandy wadi, 30°53’N, 35°09’E, - 61 m a.s.l., 7.iv.1995, M. E. Irwin, Malaise trap, JSS51701 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; Zomet Mezada , 31.v.1998, A. Freidberg, JSS51691 View Materials (1♂, TAU)   ; Zomet haEla, 12.iv.2009, L. Freidman, JSS51731 View Materials (1♂, TAU)   ; Zomet, Mash abbe Sade , 23.iv.2009, A. Freidberg, JSS51761 View Materials (1♂, TAU)   ; Panyas , 33°14’N, 35°40’E, 16.vii.1995, A. Freidberg, JSS52077 View Materials (1♂, TAU) GoogleMaps   ; UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Wadi Wurayah , 25°24’N, 56°17’E, 11‒18.v.2007, Malaise trap, A. van Harten, CNCD160299 (1♂, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; Al Wathba Wetland Reserve , 24°15’N, 54°36’E, i.2015, Malaise trap, A. Saji & A. van Harten, CNC470760 View Materials (1♂, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; Fujairah, 25°04’N, 56°12’E, 19.iv.‒02.v.2005, light trap, A. van Harten, CNCD4278 (1♂, CNC) GoogleMaps   ; Jebel Hafeet National Park , 24°04’N, 55°46’E, 25.ii.2018, Malaise trap, A. Saji & A. van Harten, JSS52263 View Materials (1♂, EAD) GoogleMaps   .

Distribution: Cyprus, Greece, Iran, Israel, Malta, Morocco, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, West and Central Europe ( Földvári & De Meyer, 1999; Kehlmaier et al. 2019; Skevington 2020) ( Fig. 57 View FIGURE 57 ).

Note: DNA barcodes of T. kuthyi   and T. freidbergi   are similar. See the notes under T. freidbergi   .


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


Tel-Aviv University