Telsonius nycteridonis Strasser, 1976

Antić, Dragan Ž. & Reip, Hans S., 2020, The millipede genus Leucogeorgia Verhoeff, 1930 in the Caucasus, with descriptions of eleven new species, erection of a new monotypic genus and notes on the tribe Leucogeorgiini (Diplopoda: Julida: Julidae), European Journal of Taxonomy 713, pp. 1-106: 90-93

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Telsonius nycteridonis Strasser, 1976


Telsonius nycteridonis Strasser, 1976  

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Material examined

Lectotype (here designated)

GREECE – Macedonia • ♂; Nycteridon Cave , village Petralona; 10 Oct. 1974; P. Beron and V. Beškov leg.; “ Telsonius   n. g. nycter. n. sp. Holotype ♂; Grotte ‘Spilja nycteridon’, v. Petralona, distr. Salonique, Grèce du Nord; 10.10.1974; P. Beron, V. Beškov leg.”; NMNHS 10810 (alcohol material, body in four pieces), NMNHS 10810 a (microscopic slide labeled as “ Holotypus ”, with gnathochilarium, leg-pairs 1 and 2, legs 3 and 4), NMNHS 10810 b (microscopic slide labeled as “ Holotypus ”, with right gonopods, part of body ring 7 and one antenna).  


On the labels of the vial and on the two microscopic slides of the lectotype male of Telsonius nycteridonis, Strasser   clearly indicated “ holotypus ”, but he did not designate a holotype in the original description of the species ( Strasser 1976). According to ICZN 72.4.7: “The mere citation of “Type” or equivalent expression, in a published work other than that in which the nominal species-group taxon is established, or in an unpublished catalogue of a museum, or on a label, is not necessarily evidence that a specimen is or is fixed as any of the kinds of types referred to in this Chapter”. The designation of the holotype and paratypes is only valid if it appears in the original description of the species. Since this is not the case with Telsonius nycteridonis   , the type male of this species in NMNHS is to be considered as a syntype which we herewith designate as the lectotype to fix the taxonomy of this species.