Mecyclothorax ovipennis, Sharp, 1903

Liebherr, James K., 2009, Native And Alien Carabidae (Coleoptera) Share Lanai, An Ecologically Devastated Island, The Coleopterists Bulletin 63 (4), pp. 383-411: 392

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Mecyclothorax ovipennis


Mecyclothorax ovipennis   species-group

Diagnosis. This group contains species with elytral striae 1–5 developed on the disc, but striae progressively reduced laterally. Apically, the second elytral stria is as deep to only slightly shallower than the sutural stria, distinguishing these species from similar appearing taxa of the M. palustris   group. In addition, the M. ovipennis   group is diagnosed by: 1) pronotum basally sinuate with evident hind angles and moderately broad lateral marginal depressions; 2) pronotum either with lateral seta each side, or both lateral and basal setae; 3) eyes well-developed but not hemispherical and highly convex; and 4) dorsal elytral setal position inconspicuous, setae not situated in deep foveae. In addition to the single Lanai species, this group includes nine species from Molokai ( Liebherr 2006 b), eight described species on Maui ( Britton 1948), and four species from Hawaii Island ( Liebherr 2008 b).