Blackburnia (Metromenus) depressa (Sharp)

Liebherr, James K., 2009, Native And Alien Carabidae (Coleoptera) Share Lanai, An Ecologically Devastated Island, The Coleopterists Bulletin 63 (4), pp. 383-411: 399

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Blackburnia (Metromenus) depressa (Sharp)


Blackburnia (Metromenus) depressa (Sharp)  

Distribution. This species is known from various localities ( Fig. 6B View Fig ) within the cloud forest and mesic forest communities ( Fig. 1 View Fig ). The only known locality within the mesic forest zone is in Kaiholena Gulch, where specimens of this species were collected by Perkins (1894) at approximately 600 m el. (lots ‘‘78. Lanai, behind Koele II. ’94,’’ and ‘‘86. Lanai, above 2000 ft. I. ’94’’; Anonymous N. D.). Records from 1987 to the present are restricted to habitats 750–1,030 m elevation within the cloud forest community.

Habitat. This species is recorded from arboreal microhabitats, most often involving the beetles lodging between plant surfaces. These include between the appressed leaf axils of Freycinetia arborea   Gaudichaux-Beaupre´, within the dead stipes of Sadleria   ferns, and on the ground under rotting Pritchardia   palm fronds. The beetles can be found also on vegetation at night, including on the fronds of Cibotium   tree ferns and uluhe fern. Collections of this species have been made predominantly in association with the native species B. filipes   , M. filipes   , M. flavipes   , and B. ignicola   . As mentioned above under M. filipes   , B. depressa   was collected along with the non-native M. buchanani   while beating banks of uluhe fern, and with G. picipes   by beating soft understory ferns.