Chiridopsis subornata Spaeth, 1935

Świ, Jolanta, 2017, A monograph of the Afrotropical Cassidinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Part 4. Revision of the genus Chiridopsis Spaeth, Zootaxa 4316 (1), pp. 1-85: 56-57

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Chiridopsis subornata Spaeth, 1935


Chiridopsis subornata Spaeth, 1935  

( figs 5 View FIGURE 5 , 92, 93 View FIGURES 87 – 93 )

Chiridopsis subornata Spaeth, 1935 a: 175   ; Borowiec, 1999: 304.

Description. Le: 6.6 mm, Wi: 4.9 mm, Lp: 2.3 mm, Wp: 3.7 mm, Le/Wi: 1.35, Wp/Lp: 1.61. Body elongate-oval ( fig. 92 View FIGURES 87 – 93 ).

Maculate aberration has on pronotal disc a large black spot with irregular anterior margin. Elytral disc with black stripe along suture, one small black spot at base of the second interval, larger black spot in front of the middle of the second interval and very large oblique spot posterolaterally. Black aberration has pronotal disc black, scutellum black, elytral disc black except marginal interval ( figs 92, 93 View FIGURES 87 – 93 ). In both aberrations explanate margin of pronotum and elytra yellow, clypeus and thorax black, abdomen black with yellow margins, legs yellow except black trochanters and antennae uniformly yellow.

Pronotum regularly ellipsoidal ( fig. 92 View FIGURES 87 – 93 ), with maximum width in the middle, sides broadly rounded, no basal corners. Surface of disc smooth and shiny, and with sparse, very small pricks. Explanate margin smooth and shiny, impunctate, with honeycomb structure.

Base of elytra wider than base of pronotum ( fig. 92 View FIGURES 87 – 93 ), humeral angles distinctly protruding anterad, subangulate. Disc strongly, regularly convex in profile, without impressions ( fig. 93 View FIGURES 87 – 93 ). Punctation fine, regular, rather sparse, distance between punctures in rows mostly wider than puncture diameter. Punctures in rows gradually coarser from sutural to marginal rows, in submarginal row punctures approximately three times coarser than in sutural row. Intervals flat, several times wider than rows, marginal interval only slightly wider than submarginal one. Surface of intervals smooth and shiny. Explanate margin strongly declivous, with well marked narrow marginal border. Surface of explanate margin distinctly shallowly punctate, interspaces shiny.

Clypeus 1.4 times as wide as long, moderately convex. Clypeal lines distinct, forming regular, triangular central plate. Surface of clypeal plate microreticulate but shiny, with few small punctures. Labrum shallowly emarginate to 1/5 length. Antennae moderately stout, segments 9–10 approximately 1.2 times as long as wide. Segment 3 approximately 1.7 times as long as segment 2 and approximately as long as segment 4.

Prosternal collar prominent, with well marked lateral angles. Explanate apex of prosternal process with irregular surface.

Claws with small basal tooth.

Distribution. Angola ( fig. 5 View FIGURE 5 ).

Remarks. Maculate form of Ch. subornata   is similar to several other maculate species with at least one row of black spots along sides of elytral disc, but differs in pronotal disc mostly black with irregular anterior margin of the spot while in other species pronotum is yellow with black spots. Black form of Ch. subornata   ( figs 92, 93 View FIGURES 87 – 93 ) is similar only to Ch. tschoffeni   ( fig. 119 View FIGURES 115 – 119 ) and completely black form of Ch. nigrosepta   ( fig. 82 View FIGURES 80 – 86 ). Chiridopsis tschoffeni   distinctly differs in smaller size with length below 4.6 mm and Ch. nigrosepta   differs in more circular body with length/width ratio 1.12–1.29 while Ch. subornata   is a large species with 6.6 mm in length and elongate body with length/width ratio approximately 1.61.

Type examined. Syntype representing black form: [ ANGOLA] Kalukembe, XII, 1932–1933, Miss. sc. suisse (MM). Syntype representing maculate form was unavailable to study.  

Other specimens examined. No other specimens.  














Chiridopsis subornata Spaeth, 1935

Świ, Jolanta 2017

Chiridopsis subornata

Borowiec 1999: 304
Spaeth 1935: 175