Meriola penai Platnick & Ewing

González, María E., Grismado, Cristian J. & Ramírez, Martín J., 2021, A Taxonomic Revision Of The Spider Genus Meriola Banks (Araneae: Trachelidae), Zootaxa 4936 (1), pp. 1-113 : 72

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Meriola penai Platnick & Ewing


Meriola penai Platnick & Ewing

Figs 3 View FIGURE 3 a–c, 4e–f, 4h, 58–60, 94a

Meriola penai Platnick & Ewing, 1995: 20 , figs 44–48 (male holotype and female allotype from Tolhuaca , Malleco, Región de la Araucania (IX), Chile, in AMNH, not examined).

Diagnosis. Both sexes resemble those of M. tablas by the similar body shape and the relatively flat oval carapace and uniform abdominal pattern, but have depressed setal bases associated to large tubercles on the carapace surface (3A–C). Males ( Figs 59–60 View FIGURE 59 View FIGURE 60 ) can be easily recognized by the long RTA that is not widened at the base. Females ( Fig. 58 View FIGURE 58 ) differ by the wide anterior hood ( Figs 58h, i View FIGURE 58 ) and the poorly defined CDR chamber ( Platnick & Ewing 1995: fig. 48).

Description. Male and female described by Platnick & Ewing (1995).

Natural history and habitat. The specimens were found between 300–1200 m altitude, by beating shrubs of Fuchsia magellanica , Berberis sp. and Cupressaceae , with Berlese of leaf litter at the base of Lomatia hirsuta , and by fogging in forests of Nothofagus and Araucaria . Several female and male specimens were collected by pitfall traps.

Distribution. Known from Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut provinces in Argentina and from regions VII to XI in Chile ( Fig. 94a View FIGURE 94 ).

New records. ARGENTINA: Neuquén: Huiliches: Parque Nacional Lanín, Lago Huechulafquen, S 39.762631°, W 71.420759°, 20–23.I.1999, L. Compagnucci, 4 females, 10 imms. (MACN-Ar 31052). Río Negro: Bariloche: Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, sendero a Cerro La Mona, cerca de Lago Espejo Chico, S 40.580069°, W 71.702972°, elev. 890–940 m, 5.I.2011, Nothofagus dombeyi and Chusquea sp., M. Ramírez & V. Werenkraut, 1 female, sample MGM-00428 (MACN-Ar 33073). Parque Municipal Llao Llao, sendero a Villa Tacul, S 41.04383°, W 71.5492°, elev. 841 m, 15.I.2012, beating shrubs, M. Guala, 1 female, 1 male, temporary preparations MGM- 00339, MGM-00340 (MACN-Ar 32373). Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, cerca de Puerto Alegre, Lago Frías, S 41.04394°, W 71.79962°, elev. 811 m, 29.XII.2010, M. Ramírez, V. Werenkraut & S. Aisen, 1 female, sample MGM-00435 (MACN-Ar 33074). Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Sendero Cerro López, orillas arroyo López, S 41.094258°, W 71.553097°, elev. 847 m, 17.I.2012, Fuchsia magellanica , Berberis sp. and Cupressaceae , beating shrubs, M. Guala, 1 female, temporary preparation MGM-00338 (MACN-Ar 32372). Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, sendero sobre Río Manso Inferior, cerca de desembocadura Lago Steffen, S 41.51625°, W 71.53567°, elev. 517 m, 1.I.2011, leaf litter at base of Lomatia hirsuta (radales), berlese, M. Ramírez, 1 male, sample MGM-00431 (MACN-Ar 33041). El Bolsón, Loma del Medio, S 41.977258°, W 71.554162°, I.2002, pitfall traps, P. Sackmann, 5 females, 3 males, 12 imms. (MACN-Ar 33077). Same locality, II.2002, pitfall traps, P. Sackmann, 1 female, 1 male, 1 imm. (MACN-Ar 33080). Same locality, III.2002, pitfall traps, P. Sackmann, 3 females (MACN-Ar 33079). CHILE: Región IX de La Araucanía: Provincia de Malleco: Parque Nacional Nahuelbuta, S 37.784643°, W 72.953286°, elev. 1100 m, 12.II.2005, forest of Nothofagus and Araucaria, M. Ramírez & F. Labarque , 1 female (MACN-Ar 10831). Same locality, elev. 1200 m, 12.II.2005, Nothofagus antartica , fogging, J. Barriga, 1 female (MACN-Ar 30354). Same data, Nothofagus dombeyi , fogging, J. Barriga, 1 female, temporary preparations MGM- 00443–00445 (MACN-Ar 30355). Same data, 22.XI.2004, Araucaria araucana and Nothofagus dombeyi , fogging, J. Barriga, 2 females (MACN-Ar 30359). Same locality, 7.XII.2001, canopy fogging, E. Arias et al., 1 female (CAS, CASENT 9059447). Monumento Natural Contulmo, S 38.012833°, W 73.187611°, elev. 360 m, 12–13.VII.2010, under rocks and bark, A. Ojanguren Affilastro, L. Piacentini, E. Soto & D. Valdivia, 1 female, sample LNP-04023 (MACN-Ar 28587). Monumento Natural Contulmo, S 38.034412°, W 73.196368°, 19.XII.1998, M. Ramírez, L. Compagnucci, C. Grismado & L. Lopardo, 2 females, 11 imms. (MACN-Ar 16449). Same locality, 19–21.XII.1998, M. Ramírez, L. Compagnucci, C. Grismado & L. Lopardo, 1 female, 2 imms., temporary preparation MGM-00230, MGM-00492 (MACN-Ar 16388), 1 female (MNHS). Provincia de Cautín: Villarica, Flor del Lago, S 39.166997°, W 72.106814°, 13.XII.2001, canopy fogging, E. Arias et al., 2 females (CAS, CASENT 9059375). Región XIV de Los Ríos: Provincia de Valdivia: Valdivia, S 39.817379°, W 73.242533°, 1983, E. Krahmer, 1 female (MNHS 845).














Meriola penai Platnick & Ewing

González, María E., Grismado, Cristian J. & Ramírez, Martín J. 2021

Meriola penai

Platnick, N. I. & Ewing, C. 1995: 20