Tetragonoderus quadriguttatus Dejean

Shpeley, Danny & Ball, George E., 2008, Taxonomic review of the Neotropical Tetragonoderus quadriguttatus assemblage (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cyclosomini) with description of T. deuvei, new species, and new West Indian and Nearctic locality records, Insecta Mundi 2008 (50), pp. 1-16: 12-14

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Tetragonoderus quadriguttatus Dejean


Tetragonoderus quadriguttatus Dejean  

Fig. 2C, 3C, 4C, 5E-F, 6 and 7

Tetragonoderus quadriguttatus Dejean 1829: 509   . Type Material: Dejean’s type most likely lost, NEO- TYPE here designated (see “Notes about type material” below). Type Area: Brazil. — Csiki 1932: 1298.— Blackwelder 1944: 52.— Lorenz 2005: 453.

Tetragonoderus columbicus Steinheil 1875: 140   . Type Material: HOLOTYPE, male, labeled: “TYPE” (red paper); “Ambalema” (handwritten); “Columbie/ coll E. Steinheil”; “columbicus/ Steinh” (handwritten); “ Tetragonoderus   / columbicus Steinh   / (= lacordairei Chd   )/ J. Mateu det. 1989” [MNHP]. Type Locality: Ambalema, Tolima Department, Colombia. — Csiki 1932: 1296.— Blackwelder 1944: 52; Lorenz 2005: 453. NEW SYNONOMY

Tetragonoderus lacordairei Chaudoir 1876: 45   . Type Material: LECTOTYPE (here designated), male, labeled: “TYPE” [red paper]; “Cayenne/ Lacordaire”; “ Tetragonoderus   / lacordairei/ Chd/ J. Mateu det. 1979” [MNHP]. Type Area: Cayenne, French Guiana. — Csiki 1932: 129.— Blackwelder 1944: 52.— Lorenz 2005: 453. NEW SYNONOMY.

Tetragonoderus tetragrammus Chaudoir 1876: 46   . Type Material: HOLOTYPE, female, labeled: “82”; square (yellow paper). Type Locality: Ega (= Tefé, Amazonas, Brazil). — Csiki 1932: 1299.— Blackwelder 1944: 52.— Lorenz 2005: 453. NEW SYNONOMY.

Notes about type material. Dejean’s type of T. quadriguttatus   could not be located, and is presumed lost. Chaudoir (1876: 46) states that he possessed two specimens: the type of Dejean, and another specimen collected by M. Sahlberg in Cantagallo (State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). In the MNHP associated with the box label “4guttatus Dej Brésilo c. Dejean” is a single male (head and prothorax missing) labeled “Cantagallo Sahlberg jun.” and is selected and here designated as NEOTYPE. Due to the poor condition of the specimen, it was not dissected to examine the male genitalia. The elytral microsculpture was the same as that observed in the holotypes of T. columbicus   , T. lacordairei   and T. tetragrammus   .

The male holotype of T. columbicus   was dissected, and the genitalia match those of T. quadriguttatus   . Additionally, the elytral microsculpture of T. columbicus   matches that of T. quadriguttatus   .

In the MNHP associated with the box label “Lacordairei Chaud Cayenne C. Dejean” are 5 specimens. The third specimen, a male, is selected and here designated as LECTOTYPE. The male lectotype of T. lacordairei   was dissected, and the genitalia match those of T. quadriguttatus   . Additionally, the elytral microsculpture of T. lacordairei   matches that of T. quadriguttatus   .

The holotype of T. tetragrammus   is a female. In the MNHP is another female specimen from Santarem, determined by J. Mateu as T. tetragrammus   . The elytral microsculpture of this specimen matches that of both the holotype and T. quadriguttatus   .

Recognition. This species is the largest of the three species in the quadriguttatus assemblage, with a mean SBL of 4.06 mm for males (range 3.78-4.20 mm) and 4.15 mm for females (range 3.98-4.34 mm). The transverse microsculpture (Fig. 3B) gives the elytra a satiny appearance.

Description. See Table 1 for values for standardized body length (SBL) and ratios Hl/Hw and Pl/Pw.

Elytra. Bicolored, with pale markings markedly contrasting to subdued, with microsculpture mesh pattern transverse, sculpticells 3-5 times as wide as long (Fig. 3D and 4D).

Male genitalia. Phallus (Fig. 5E-F) in dorsal aspect slender, shaft subsinuate, distally curved to right, narrowed toward periostial area; latter relatively short, about one third length of shaft; apical area short, slender, subspatulate, nearly globose; apex narrowly rounded; in lateral aspect shaft markedly sinuate, apical area broad, projected dorsad; ventral surface smooth, not ridged. Endophallus, inverted, with microtrichial patch (somewhat band-like) right lateral, and slightly proximad the periostial area.

Collecting notes and habitat. Several specimens were taken at UV light. Most of the specimens collected in Tayrona National Park, northern Colombia, were resting during the heat of the day, on white

sand, beneath shrubs growing on the flood plain of a wide river (Río Piedras), about 50 m from the water’s edge. One specimen was collected in the same general area, on a gravel road, but well removed from the river.

Geographical distribution. (Fig. 6 and 7). The geographical range of this species extends through much of South America (southern Uruguay to northern Colombia) (Fig. 6), and into the West Indian islands ( Fig. 7 View Figure 7 ) of Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Hispaniola. We believe the West Indian records indicate a relatively recent arrival of T. quadriguttatus   , either naturally by oversea immigration from northern South America, or by accidental introduction, through commerce.

Chorological affinities. The range of this species completely overlaps that of T. deuvei   , mostly overlaps that of T. laevigatus   , and partially overlaps that of T. subfasciatus   .

Material examined. In addition to type material, we have seen a total of 185 specimens.

BOLIVIA. Santa Cruz. Andres Ibanez. 2 females, Villecito, 4-5.X.1994, R. D. Ward ( CMNH)   .

BRAZIL. Bahia. 1 male, Encruzilhda , 960 m, XI.1972, J. Nègre ( MNHP)   . Mato Grosso. 2 males, Caraca , 5-8.III.1963, F. Werner ( MCZC)   . Chapada   : 9 females, ( CMNH)   ; 1 male, 2 females, VIII ( AMNH)   . 1 female, Cuijaba ( MNHP)   . Minas Gerais. 1 male, 1 female, Env. De Passa-Quatro, Bords du Rio Las Pedras , 1000 m, 1903, E. R. Wagner ( MNHP)   . Pará. Santarem   : 1 female ( MNHP)   ; 1 male, 2 females ( CMNH)   . Santa Catarina. Nova Teutonia, F. Plaumann   : 2 females, XII.1975 ( CASC)   ; 1 female, X.1976 ( CASC)   ; 1 male, XI.1976 ( CASC)   ; 1 female, XII.1976 ( CASC)   ; 2 males, II.1977 ( CASC)   ; 4 males, 7 females, XII.1970 ( NMNH)   . Nova Teutonia , 300-500 m, F. Plaumann ( NMNH)   : 1 female, X; 1 female, IX.1972; 2 females, XI.1972; 14 males, 10 females, XII.1972; 1 female, I.1973. Rio de Janeiro. 2 males, Mendes, IV, Le Moult ( MNHP)   . Rio Grande do Sul. 1 male, Pelotas , 30.X.1956, C. Biezanko ( AMNH)   . São Paulo. 1 male, Cachoeira de Emas , XII.1944 ( MZSP)   . 1 female, Garca 27.I.1950 ( MZSP)   . 1 female, Itu , II.1959, U. Martins ( MZSP)   . 1 male, Piracicaba , blacklight, 5.XI.1965, C. A. Triplehorn ( UASM)   .

COLOMBIA. Huila. 1 male, Villavieja, III.1945 ( CASC)   . Magdalena. PNN Tayrona, 11°20’N 74°02’W, Sector Naranjos, C. Martinez, G. E. Ball ( IAVH, UASM): 1 male, 30.VI.2002, gravel road margin, 12-02; 5 males, 3 females, 1.VII.2002, flood plain, Río Piedras , on sand, beneath live vegetation 14-02 GoogleMaps   .

FRENCH GUIANA. Roches de Kourou , VI.1905, E. Le Moult ( MNHP)   .

PARAGUAY. Central. San Lorenzo, UV light, J. A. Kochalka ( CMNH)   : 3 females, 7.XI.1986; 1 male, 4 females, 18-19.XI.1986; 8 males, 14 females, 23-24.XI.1986; 4 males, 5 females, 30.XII.1987.

URUGUAY. Montevideo. Montevideo : 1 female, Sivori ( MCSN)   .


CAYMAN ISLANDS. Grand Cayman. 2 females, Georgetown UCCI, at light, 8.VI.2008, R.H. Turnbow ( FSCA)   . 1 male, “ Grand Cayman ”, UV light, VI.1992, P. Fitzgerald ( FSCA)   . 1 male, Hell , 19°23’N 81°24’W, 24.II.1993, W.E. Steiner, J.M. Swearingen ( NMNH) GoogleMaps   . Rum Point , 19°22’N 81°16’W, W.E. Steiner, J.M. Swearingen ( NMNH) GoogleMaps   : 1 male, 1 female, 22.II.1993; 1 female, 24.II.1993. West Bay ( Town Hall Crescent ), 21.VII-1.VIII.1986, D. Gicca ( FSCA)   : 4 males, 1 female; blacklight trap, 11 males, 5 females.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. La Altagracia. 1 female, vic. Oyo Clara , 18°33’48"N 68°26’50"W, UV light, 24.VII-5.VIII.2002, K. Will & C. Chaboo ( EMEC) GoogleMaps   . Pedernales. 1 male, Cabo Rojo , car net after storm, near sea level, 26.VIII.1988, M. Ivie, Phillips and Johnson ( WIBF)   . San Pedro. 1 female, 13 km E Boca Chica , mv + bl, 17.V.1992, R. Turnbow ( UASM)   .

JAMAICA. Clarendon. 2 males, 4 females, Portland Ridge , PWD Fishing Club, UV light, 20.VII.1969, Woodruff ( FSCA)   . Saint Andrew. 1 female, Kingston, T.H. Farr ( IJSM)   : Palisadoes, 8.XII.1963; 41 Sunrise Crescent off Red Hills Road , 25.VI.1979   . Saint Catherine. 1 female, Caymanas Estate , UV light trap, 10.V.1970, J. H. Frank ( UASM)   . 1 female, Port Henderson , UV trap, 12.VII.1970, E. G. Farnsworth ( FSCA)   . Spanish Town , E. G. Farnsworth ( FSCA)   : 1 female, UV light, 10.VII.1970; 1 female, Twickenham Park, mosq. light trap, 18.V.1970. Spanish Town , Jamaica School Agr., UV trap, E. G. Farnsworth ( FSCA)   1 male, 11.IV.1970; 1 female, 14.IV.1970. Saint Elizabeth. Black River   : 1 male, UV trap, 14.VII.1970, E. G. Farnsworth ( FSCA)   ; 1 male, at light, 7.VI.1969, J. H. Frank ( UASM)   . Saint Thomas. 1 male, 1 female, Yallahs , UV trap, 25.VI.1970, E. G. Farnsworth ( FSCA)   .


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Tetragonoderus quadriguttatus Dejean

Shpeley, Danny & Ball, George E. 2008

Tetragonoderus lacordairei

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Tetragonoderus tetragrammus

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Tetragonoderus columbicus

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Tetragonoderus quadriguttatus

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