Centistes Haliday,

Rousse, Pascal & Braet, Yves, 2012, Braconid wasps (Hymenoptera) of Reunion. 1. Euphorinae (including Meteorini): key to species and description of six new species, Zootaxa 3449, pp. 26-46: 30

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.214581

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Centistes Haliday


Genus Centistes Haliday 

Maxillary and labial palpi with, respectively, 5–6 and 3 segments. Eyes with sparse and short pilosity. Occipital carina complete dorsally, joining hypostomal carina near base of mandibles. Subocullar sulcus present. Notaulus absent. Epicnemial carina complete. Propodeum often with arched transverse median carina. Forewing with 2 R 1 comparatively short, M+Cu spectral, Rs tubular to wing apex or nearly so, 1 /Rs present, Rs+M present, 1 cu-a distal to M, 2 cu-a present as a faint trace. Tarsal claws simple. Metasomal tergite I short and sessile, with glymma present as a deep basal pit. Hypopygium usually densely setose. Ovipositor long though mostly concealed, flat and falcate, sheath usually short and thin but sometimes long or thick.

Cosmopolitan medium sized genus (except Australian region) of about 70 species. Koinobiont endoparasitoids of Coleoptera  , particularly Curculionidae  , Chrysomelidae  , Coccinellidae  and Carabidae  .