Odocnemis recticollis

Nabozhenko, Maxim & Keskin, Bekir, 2016, Revision of the genus Odocnemis Allard, 1876 (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Helopini) from Turkey, the Caucasus and Iran with observations on feeding habits, Zootaxa 4202 (1), pp. 1-97: 59

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Odocnemis recticollis


Odocnemis recticollis   species-group

Description. Body strongly elongate, not large (length up to 12.5 mm, some females to 14 mm), slender in both sexes, with dull shine. Temples with groove in anterior part. Hypomera with fine wrinkles and without punctation. Elytra with sparse distinct tubercles on apical part and sides of elytra, only O. recticollis   without or rarely with weakly visible tubercles. Epipleura and their inner narrow carina reaching sutural angle of elytra. Epipleural dorsal carina not reaching elytral apex; 8th interval keel-shaped on apex and connected with elytral margin and 1st interval apically. Wings absent. Abdominal ventrites. Male abdominal ventrites 1 and 2 without hair brush, ventrites 3–5 distinctly convex, in female not convex. Anal ventrite without depression in both sexes. Legs. Male pro- and mesotibiae with small teeth on inner side; metatibiae sometimes with small rounded granules on inner side. Femora smooth and shining on inner side, without punctation and pubescence. Each trochanter with one long seta. Male genitalia. Apical and basal piece narrow and long. Apical piece regularly thickened from base to apex, bent. Basal piece 1.9–2.15 × as long as apical piece. Median lobe baculi connected, acute on apex. Gastral spicula with long straight branches, only O. merkli   sp. n. has bent branches of gastral spicula. Male Inner sternite VIII with longitudinal depression for aedeagus, covered with short dense setae. Female genital tubes. Spermatheca without basal duct, with shorter processes on whole length. Accessory gland about 2 × as long as spermatheca.

Distribution. Eastern Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic), Iran.

Composition. O. recticollis ( Allard, 1877)   , O. allardi   sp. n., O. dichroa   sp. n., O. merkli   sp. n.