Thrips solari, Mound, Laurence A., 2010

Mound, Laurence A., 2010, Species of the Genus Thrips (Thysanoptera, Thripidae) from the Afro-tropical Region, Zootaxa 2423, pp. 1-24: 15-16

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.194532

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Thrips solari


Thrips solari  sp.n.

Female macroptera. Colour mainly medium brown, all tibiae and tarsi mainly yellow, antennal segment III paler than II or IV; forewings and clavus light brown with small clear area at fork of veins. Antennae 7 - segmented; segments III –IV without an apical neck, each with prominent forked sensorium extending to a point at least one third beyond base of succeeding segment. Ocellar setae III small, shorter than length of hind ocellus, arising on or just outside margins of ocellar triangle ( Fig. 49View FIGURES 44 – 56); postocular setae pair II much smaller than pairs I or III; vertex with transverse lines or transverse reticulation. Pronotum with more than 22 transverse striae ( Fig. 49View FIGURES 44 – 56), and more than 30 discal setae; anterior margin with about 5 pairs of setae, posterior margin with 3 pairs; posteroangular setae less than 0.4 as long as pronotum. Mesonotum with anterior campaniform sensilla ( Fig. 50View FIGURES 44 – 56). Metanotum transversely striate at anterior, longitudinally striate on posterior half, median setae well behind anterior margin; campaniform sensilla absent ( Fig. 50View FIGURES 44 – 56). Forewing first vein with 7 setae at base, 3 setae on distal half; clavus with 5 marginal and 1 discal setae. Abdominal tergites with sculpture lines scarcely extending to median setae and campaniform sensilla ( Fig. 51View FIGURES 44 – 56); tergite II with 3 lateral marginal setae; ctenidia present on V –VIII; comb on VIII long and slender; IX with anterior campaniform sensilla; pleurotergites and sternites with no discal setae.

Measurements (holotype female in microns). Body length 1320. Head, length 115; width across eyes 125; ocellar setae III 10. Pronotum, length 120; width 175; posteroangular setae 45. Forewing length 600. Antennal segments III –VII length 40, 35, 30, 40, 15.

Type material. Holotype female, NIGERIA, Ibadan, on flowers of Dioscorea dumetorium  ( Dioscoreaceae  ), 18.vii. 1972 (W.K.Whitney), in The Natural History Museum, London.

Paratypes: Three females collected with holotype.

Comments. This species is similar to Thrips priesneri  in many structural details. It differs in the shorter antennal segments with longer sensoria on III and IV, in the weak setae on the pronotum ( Fig. 49View FIGURES 44 – 56), and the shorter pronotal posteroangular setae. The specific epithet commemorates the contributions of my late wife, Jean Solari  , to work on insects in Nigeria during 1959–1961.