Thrips meruensis (Trybom),

Mound, Laurence A., 2010, Species of the Genus Thrips (Thysanoptera, Thripidae) from the Afro-tropical Region, Zootaxa 2423, pp. 1-24: 10

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Thrips meruensis (Trybom)


Thrips meruensis (Trybom) 

Physopus meruensis Trybom, 1908: 6 

Taeniothrips ugandai Moulton, 1936: 502  syn.n.

Taeniothrips (Isochaetothrips) holmi  zur Strassen, 1972: 86 syn.n.

Redescribed and illustrated by Faure (1962), this species is characterised by the closely striate metanotum with small markings between the striae ( Figs 21View FIGURES 13 – 23, 29View FIGURES 24 – 30). Described from Tanzania, with the synonymic species from Uganda and Kenya, specimens have been seen also from Zaire, and there are females in the BMNH from “East Africa, 22.i. 1912 Alluard et Jeannel 39 ”. It resembles fumosoides  and fumosus  in the long head with short ocellar setae, the large number of setae on the forewing, and the lack of sculpture on the pronotum.

Diagnosis. Large dark brown Taeniothrips  -like species; antennal segment IV largely brown; forewing dark with paler sub-basal area. Antennae 8 -segmented; VII & VIII small. Head relatively long; ocellar setae III on or just inside anterior margins of ocellar triangle, no longer than distance between hind ocelli ( Fig. 28View FIGURES 24 – 30); postocular setae II and IV much shorter than I, III and V. Pronotum with almost no sculpture ( Fig. 30View FIGURES 24 – 30), posteroangular setae about 0.75 as long as pronotum. Mesonotum with or without anteromedian campaniform sensilla. Metanotum closely striate, with small markings in between some major lines ( Figs 21View FIGURES 13 – 23, 29View FIGURES 24 – 30); median setae not close to anterior margin; campaniform sensilla present. Forewing first vein with almost complete row of setae ( Fig. 22View FIGURES 13 – 23), clavus with 5 marginal setae, sub-terminal seta slightly longer than terminal, discal seta longest. Tergites II –VII with median setae small and wide apart, anterior to campaniform sensilla; almost no sculpture lines mesad of setae S 2; VIII with long fine regular comb ( Fig. 23View FIGURES 13 – 23); IX with 2 pairs campaniform sensilla, X with long split, major setae long and dark. Sternites III –VII with 9 to 13 long discal setae in irregular transverse row; no discal setae on pleurotergites. Male with no comb on VIII; tergite IX setae slender; sternites III –VII with large oval to round pore plate.














Thrips meruensis (Trybom)

Mound, Laurence A. 2010

Taeniothrips ugandai

Moulton 1936: 502

Physopus meruensis

Trybom 1908: 6