Aspidostemon microphyllum Van der Werff, 2006

Werff, Henk Van Der, 2006, A revision of the Malagasy endemic genus Aspidostemon Rohwer & Richter (Lauraceae), Adansonia (3) 28 (1), pp. 7-44 : 34-36

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Aspidostemon microphyllum Van der Werff


20. Aspidostemon microphyllum Van der Werff   , sp. nov. ( Figs 11D View FIG ; 13A View FIG )

Aspidostemoni andohahelensi simile, sed antheris locellis magnis praeditis, foliis minoribus, crassioribus, pagina superiore lucentibus recedit.

TYPUS. — Madagascar. Bay of Antongil , Nosy Mangabe, 15°30’S, 49°46’E, 0-330 m, 2-19. GoogleMaps   I.1990, fl., Schatz & Carlson 2925 (holo-,   MO; iso-, P, TAN).

PARATYPES. — Madagascar. Taomasina , Masoala Peninsula, south of Ambanizana, [15°38’S, 49°58’E], fr., Vasey & Behasy 104 ( MO, P) GoogleMaps   .


Tree, 16 m. Twigs terete, glabrous, lenticellate, terminal buds glabrous. Leaves opposite, 4-6.5 × 1.5-2.2 cm, subcoriaceous, glabrous, elliptic, the base acute, apex with short, blunt acumen, acumen 5 mm long, margin flat, reticulation immersed on the upper surface,slightly raised on the lower surface, lateral veins difficult to discern, c. 6; petioles 3-5 mm long, canaliculate. Inflorescences c. 1 cm long, with a few scattered hairs, pedicels 1-1.5 mm long. Flowers glabrous, depressed globose, 2.5-3 mm in diam., 1.5-2 mm long, tepals light green and anthers white, much wider than long, erect, stamens 3, the tips of the anthers broad, the locelli apical, large and readily visible; staminodia II covered by the tepals; staminodia III with flattened, peltate apices, fused, forming a shield-like structure;base of the staminodia and the upper rim of the hypanthium with curly red hairs. Fruits ellipsoid, smooth, 2.8 × 1.6 cm.




Aspidostemon microphyllum   is similar to A. andohahelense   . The two can be separated as follows: A. microphyllum   has stiffer, smaller leaves (4-6.5 cm in A. microphyllum   , 6-9 cm in A. andohahelense   ), and conspicuous (vs. very inconspicuous) locelli. Their distribution is also quite different, A. microphyllum   only known from a small island in the Bay of Antongil and the Masoala Peninsula in the NE ( Fig. 15 View FIG ) and A. andohahelense   only known from the Col de Maningotry and Andohahela in the SE. Aspidostemon microphyllum   is only known from two collections. No vernacular name has been recorded.


0-330 m.


Flowers: January; fruits: October.


"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University


Missouri Botanical Garden


Museum National d' Histoire Naturelle, Paris (MNHN) - Vascular Plants