Gasteruption amputatum Townes, 1950

Macedo, Antonio Carlos Cruz, 2011, A revision of Gasteruption Latreille (Hymenoptera: Gasteruptiidae) in the Neotropical Region 3030, Zootaxa 3030 (1), pp. 1-62: 8

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3030.1.1

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Gasteruption amputatum Townes, 1950


Gasteruption amputatum Townes, 1950   ( Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 )

Gasteruption amputatum Townes, 1950: 121   (in key), 128–129 (description); Townes, 1951: 660 (catalog); LaBerge, 1956: 518 (male paratype); Carlson, 1979: 1116 (catalog); Macedo, 2009: 7 (cladistic analysis).

Diagnosis. Differs from G. brachychaetum   by the subrectangular head in dorsal view ( Fig. 2a View FIGURE 2 ); the propleuron shorter than the pronotum; the mesonotum slightly truncate in lateral view ( Fig. 2d View FIGURE 2 ); and the mesoscutum areolate rugose ( Fig. 2c View FIGURE 2 ). Differs from other Neotropical species by the shorter ovipositor sheath, shorter than 0.40 times metasoma length ( Fig. 2e View FIGURE 2 ); and by the subgenital sternun notched, V-shaped.

Redescription. Female ( Fig. 2e View FIGURE 2 ). Length: 11.9 mm (n=1); ovipositor sheath length 0.15 × body length.

Head. Subrectangular in dorsal view, as long as wide ( Fig. 2a View FIGURE 2 ), punctulate; mandible pre-apical tooth distinct; malar space short, almost separated from gena; posterior ocellus inserted at the level of upper eye margin; occipital carina narrow dorsally and laterally ( Fig. 2b View FIGURE 2 ). Head length 1.38 × eye length; eye length 8.29 × malar space; distance from posterior ocellus to occipital margin 1.06 × distance between posterior ocelli; 1 st flagellomere 1.33 × as long as scape, 1.79 × as long as pedicel, 0.85 × as long as 2 nd flagellomere. Color: black.

Mesosoma. Propleuron areolate rugulose; pronotal process short; pronotum with ventral and lateral lobes rugulose, posterior lobe imbricate, area between lobes crenulate; mesonotum slightly truncate in lateral view ( Fig. 2d View FIGURE 2 ); mesoscutum areolate rugose ( Fig. 2c View FIGURE 2 ); mesoscutelum rugose; mesepisternum imbricate dorsally and areolate ventrally; mesepimeron scrobiculate; metapleuron areolate, ventral region areolate; propodeum areolate, longitudinal carina ill-defined; metacoxa finely striate. Mesosoma (excluding propleuron) 1.42 × as long as high; propleuron 1.02 × longer than its largest wide, 0.66 × pronotum length; metacoxa 2.62 × as long as wide; metatibia 3.78 × as long as wide, 1.25 × as long as femur, 3.46 × as long as 1 st tarsomere. Fore wing discal cell subtrapezoidal; hind wing with 3 hamuli, not equidistant. Color: black, except tegula and part of lateral lobe of pronutum, which are red brown; fore and middle legs with coxa, trochanter, femur and tibia yellow brown to red brown, tibia with a yellow longitudinal stripe, tarsus yellow; hind leg with coxa, trochanter, femur and tibia dark brown, subbasal portion of tibia yellow, tarsomeres 1–2 yellow, with apex brown, tarsomeres 3–5 dark brown.

Metasoma. Imbricate, 2.77 × as long as mesosoma; subgenital sternun notched, V-shaped; ovipositor sheath 0.24 × as long as metasoma. Color: dark brown; ovipositor sheath dark brown, with apex yellow brown.

Male. Similar to female; pronotum dark brown to black; hind tibia entirely dark brown.

Geographic distribution: USA (Arizona, Colorado) ( Townes 1950), Mexico (Durango, Michoacán)   .

Material examined. Holotype female examined by digital image ( AEIC): USA: Arizona: Oak Creek Canyon, Banjo Bill Camp Ground , 20.V.1947, H. & M. Townes.  

Other material. MEXICO: Durango: 10 mi W El Salto , 8.VII.1964, W. R   . M. Mason, 1♂ ( CNCI); El Salto , 2.VIII.1964, L.A. Kelton, 1♀ ( CNCI)   ; Michoacán: 5 km W Zacapu , 13.VII.1951, H.E. Evans, 1♂ ( AEIC)   .


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Gasteruption amputatum Townes, 1950

Macedo, Antonio Carlos Cruz 2011

Gasteruption amputatum

Macedo, A. C. C. 2009: 7
Carlson, R. W. 1979: 1116
LaBerge, W. E. 1956: 518
Townes, H. K. 1951: 660
Townes, H. K. 1950: 121