Hydroporus cuprescens Miller and Fery, 1995

Hájek, Jirí & Fikácek, Martin, 2010, Taxonomic revision of the Hydroporus bodemeyeri species complex (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) with a geometric morphometric analysis of body shape within the group, Journal of Natural History 44 (27 - 28), pp. 1631-1657 : 1645-1646

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Hydroporus cuprescens Miller and Fery, 1995


Hydroporus cuprescens Miller and Fery, 1995

Hydroporus cuprescens . Miller and Fery, 1995: 405 (original description).

Type locality. “Zypern, Ayia bei Stavros” [ Cyprus, ca. 1 km north of Ayia , ca. 4 km south of Stavros, ca. 34°58′ N, 32°37′ E] GoogleMaps .

Type material. Paratypes: four males, three females, “5.4.[19]95 Cyprus / Ayia, Stavros / K.Miller leg. [handwritten] // PARATYPE / Hydroporus / cuprescens n.sp. / det. Miller & Fery 1995 [red label, printed]” ( HFCB) .

Additional material examined. Cyprus: one female, Mandria, south-west of [Pano] Platres, stream, 4 April 1996, H. Fery leg. ( HFCB) .

Measurements. Body length: 3.10–3.40 mm (mean 3.28 mm), width: 1.40–1.45 mm (mean 1.43 mm).

Description. Body flat, elongate and nearly parallel sided ( Figure 3G View Figure 3 ), sides only indistinctly rounded. Elytra weakly tapering to apex, with maximum width near midlength. Pronoto-elytral angle quite distinct. Body coloration ferruginous.

Head relatively broad, clypeus broadly obtuse. Head on surface with two shallow depressions near anterior margin, and a groove along inner side of each eye. Punctation comprising sparse, almost regularly distributed punctures (denser in depressions). Distance between punctures about twice the diameter. Microreticulation consisting of polygonal meshes with diameter smaller than that of punctures.

Pronotum with sides rounded anteriorly and subparallel in posterior half, with maximum width in basal third. Lateral beading distinct, regular. Pronotum with a line of coarse punctures along anterior margin, and with coarsely punctured shallow posterolateral depressions. Disc of pronotum with sparse and fine setigerous punctures only, their diameter slightly bigger than those on head, distance between punctures about three times as large as their diameter. Microreticulation similar to that of head, but less impressed.

Elytra with sides almost straight in basal two-thirds, widest before midlength, then weakly tapering to apex; marginal rim visible at shoulders in dorsal view. Elytral disc with two rather indistinct punctured lines and with quite regularly distributed large punctures between these lines. Distance between punctures slightly bigger than their diameter.

Ventral part microreticulated. Metaventrite, metacoxal plates and two basal abdominal ventrites with large setigerous punctures. Remaining abdominal ventrites with sparse fine punctures.

Male: dorsal surface shiny. Claws of fore legs hooked, but thin. Median lobe of aedeagus in ventral view ( Figure 2I View Figure 2 ) regularly tapering to apex, apical part very long, thin, almost straight. In lateral view, median lobe strongly inflexed in middle, apex long, thin and straight. Paramere as in Figure 2J View Figure 2 .

Female: without conspicuous external differences to males. Microreticulation of elytra only indistinctly more impressed.

Habitat. Collected in streams, mostly among rotting leaves (H. Fery, personal communication).

Distribution. So far known only from several localities in western Cyprus ( Figure 6 View Figure 6 ).














Hydroporus cuprescens Miller and Fery, 1995

Hájek, Jirí & Fikácek, Martin 2010

Hydroporus cuprescens

Miller KW & Fery H 1995: 405