Strigilodus, Hodnett & Toomey & Olson & Tweet & Santucci, 2023

Hodnett, John-Paul M., Toomey, Rickard, Olson, Rickard, Tweet, Justin S. & Santucci, Vincent L., 2023, Janassid petalodonts (Chondrichthyes, Petalodontiformes, Janassidae) from the middle Mississippian (Viséan) Ste. Genevieve Formation, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, USA, Historical Biology CLXVI (CLXVI), pp. 1-10 : 4

publication ID 10.1080/08912963.2023.2231955


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scientific name


gen. nov.

Genus Strigilodus gen. nov.

Type and only species: Strigilisodus tollesonae sp. nov

Age and location

Middle Mississippian, Viséan (upper Meramecian/lower Chesterian); Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky.


Latin strigil, ‘scraper’ and Greek, odous, ‘tooth’, for the dentition’s superficial appearance to a Roman strigil, a scrapping tool used in body cleaning.


As for the type and only known species.

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