Gatzara petrophila Miller & Stange, 2000,

Wang, Xinli, Ao, Weiguang, Wang, Zhiliang & Wan, Xia, 2012, Review of the genus Gatzara Navás, 1915 from China (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae), Zootaxa 3408, pp. 34-46: 42-44

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Gatzara petrophila Miller & Stange, 2000


5. Gatzara petrophila Miller & Stange, 2000 

Gatzara petrophila Miller & Stange, 2000: 50 

Distribution. China ( Taiwan).

Remarks. The species is similar to G. decorosa ( Yang, 1988)  , but may be distinguished from it by the following characters: the head vertex has dense small brown spots and the forewing is longer than 38mm in G. decorosa  , but the head vertex has five pale brown and five dark brown transverse stripes and the forewing shorter than 35 mm in G. petrophila  .

6. Gatzara qiongana ( Yang, 2002)  , n. comb. ( Figure 5View FIGURE 5. A – D: A –D)

Dendroleon qiongana Yang, 2002: 296  .

Female. Forewing 33mm, hindwing 32 mm, abdomen 21mm.

Male. Unknown.

Head ( Figure 5 -BView FIGURE 5. A – D). Eye black grayish, with small dark spots; face yellow brown, dark band around antennae; vertex convex pale yellow, with a pair of transverse brown spots and a pair of vertical brown spots. Maxillary palpus and clypeus dark brown; labial palpus yellow, the last segment fusiform and black. Antennae clavate, scape and pedicel black-brown, flagellum missing.

Thorax. Pronotum ( Figure 5 -BView FIGURE 5. A – D) yellow, longer than wide, bearing short and long black setae; a middle black strip interrupt at the 1 / 3 point from anterior margin of pronotum, a pair of indistinct longitudinal stripes on both side from anterior 1 / 3 point to hind margin; many dense brown tiny spots on anterior 1 / 3 area of pronotum. Mesothorax and metathorax bearing sparse black short setae, general coloration yellow with black stripes along anterior margin, lateral margin and midline.

Legs. Foreleg: coxa black, covered with sparse long black and white setae; inside of coxa and femur yellow, outside dark; the terminal of femur dark; tibia yellow, apex and base of tibia dark; tarsus dark except the first segment pale; spurs and claws yellow, the spurs long and straight, extending to apex of the 2 nd tarsomere. Midleg similar to foreleg, but the color of hindleg more paler.

Forewing. Venation alternating between pale and dark; anterior Banksian line distinct, posterior Banksian line indistinct; the width of costal area equal to the most width between R and Rs; Rs with about 12 branches; presectoral area with 3 crossveins; the bifurcation of Rs before cubital fork; the anastomosis place of CuA and CuP+ 1 A with a brown arch-like spot, area of rhegma with a distinct dark brown rounded spot. Stigma pale, inside of it with a large piece of brown spot; hypostigmal cell long and narrow. Hindwing. Narrower, shorter and paler than forewing; the width between R and Rs wider than the most width of costal area. Presectoral area with 1 crossvein; anastomosis of CuA and CuP+ 1 A without spot; area of rhegma with a dark brown rounded spot, about twice as large as that of forewings; apex area brown with a white spot near apex angle.

Abdomen. Yellow brown. Notum with black longitudinal stripes; pleurite of terminalia dark brown with sparse long black hairs. Ectoproct oval, short and broad with sparse short yellow setae; 9 th-interior gonapophysis kidney-like with digging setae, 8 th-interior gonapophysis fingerlike, as long as 8 th-external gonapophysis ( Figure 5 -CView FIGURE 5. A – D).

Male. Unknown.

Material examined. Holotype, Ƥ, Mt. Wuzhishan Jianfengling, Prov. Hainan, 109 ° 31 ʹE, 18 ° 46 ʹN. 4.VII. 1981, Lin Longdong leg (CAU-N 1000057).

Distribution. China (Hainan).

Remarks. G. qiongana  was described by Yang Chi-kun (2002) as Dendroleon qiongana  based on a female holotype. He did not dissect the genitalia of the specimen. By re-examining this type specimen and studying the genitalia we found that the 8 th-interior gonapophysis is almost as long as the 8 th-external gonapophysis, which is not accordant with Dendroleon  but is consistent with Gatzara  . So we propose that D. qiongana  should be transferred to Gatzara  .














Gatzara petrophila Miller & Stange, 2000

Wang, Xinli, Ao, Weiguang, Wang, Zhiliang & Wan, Xia 2012

Dendroleon qiongana

Yang 2002: 296