Tachardiella larreae ( Comstock 1882 )

Hodgson, Chris, 2020, A review of neococcid scale insects (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccomorpha) based on the morphology of the adult males, Zootaxa 4765 (1), pp. 1-264: 169

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4765.1.1

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Tachardiella larreae ( Comstock 1882 )


Tachardiella larreae ( Comstock 1882)   :

Southern California, no host, from H.B. Mills. Let. Sept. 17, 1940 (USNM): 1/1ad ♂ in poor to very poor condition, both antennae absent. As far as could be seen from this specimen, it resembled T. aurantiaca   apart from: head: (i) fleshy ventral head setae present; (ii) preoral ridge appeared to be well developed, and (iii) cranial apophysis possibly absent. Thorax: (i) pronotal ridge present but lacking a lateral pronotal sclerite; (ii) dorsal part of metapleural ridge absent; (iii) lateral margins of scutum near scutellum not reticulated; (iv) wings without alar lobes and alar setae. Abdomen: (i) sternites I–VI not apparently sclerotised; (ii) ventral abdominal setae all hs (i.e., fs absent); (iii) basal membranous area with only 2 long setae on each side; (iv) basal rod shorter, but still with a lightly sclerotised extension anteriorly, dividing basal membranous area into two, and (v) long pleural setae on abdominal segment VIII absent.