Pohl, Greg, Anweiler, Gary, Schmidt, Christian & Kondla, Norbert, 2010, An annotated list of the Lepidoptera of Alberta, Canada, ZooKeys 38 (38), pp. 1-549: 73

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26. Glyphidoceridae  – glyphidocerid moths

Small (17–20 mm wingspan) moths with relatively wide wings. Superficially, adults resemble larger gelechiids, such as those of the genus Filatima  , but can be distinguished by their broad, fan-shaped hindwings. Th e biology of this family is unknown.

Glyphidocerids were very recently assigned family status (Hodges 1999a). Fortynine species are known, all in the New World and all in the genus Glyphidocera  . Eleven species are known in North America, one of which is known from AB. Th e group is in need of revision; many undescribed species have been collected, and no comprehensive works exist. Individual species have been described recently by Adamski and Brown (1987), Adamski (2000), and Adamski and Metzler (2000).

189 * R Glyphidocera hurlberti Adamski, 2000 L Jun  – M Sep – b g T: Adamski (2000)

L: Pohl et al. (2005) C: NFRC, UASM