Lobophorini, Tutt, 1896

Pohl, Greg, Anweiler, Gary, Schmidt, Christian & Kondla, Norbert, 2010, An annotated list of the Lepidoptera of Alberta, Canada, ZooKeys 38 (38), pp. 1-549: 207

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1372 * R H Carsia sororiata (Hübner, 1813)  E – L Aug m B – T: Skou (1986) L: Bowman (1951) C: CNC, UASM 1373 R Acasis viridata (Packard, 1873)  E – L May – B g L: Bowman (1951), Pohl et al. (2004b) C: CNC, NFRC, UASM 1374 R Cladara limitaria (Walker, 1860) L Apr  – L May m B g L: Bowman (1951), Prentice (1963), Pohl et al. (2004b) C: CNC, NFRC, OLDS, PMAE, UASM 1375 R Cladara atroliturata (Walker, 1863) L Apr  – L May m B – L: Bowman (1951), Pohl et al. (2004b) C: CNC, NFRC, OLDS, UASM 1376 * R Lobophora nivigerata Walker, 1862 M Jun  – E Jul – B g L: Bowman (1951), McGuffin (1958b), Prentice (1963), Ives and Wong (1988), Pohl et al. (2004b) C: CNC, NFRC, OLDS, PMAE, UASM 1377 * R Lobophora magnoliatoidata (Dyar, 1904) M Jun  – L Jun M – – L: McGuffi n (1958b), Prentice (1963) C: CNC, OLDS, UASM

55.2. Sterrhinae  – wave moths

Small moths (20–30 mm wingspan) with wings usually pale yellow, tan, or brown, and variously marked with diffuse dark bands and scattered dark scales. A few species have pastel shades. Th ey can be separated from other geometrids by wing venation: on the hindwing, the Sc and R 1 veins are fused with the Rs vein for less than one-quarter the length of the discal cell. Larvae of most species feed on trees or shrubs.

Approximately 2800 species of Sterrhinae  are known worldwide. Ninety-six species of Sterrhinae  are known in North America; 16 occur in AB. Th e Canadian species were revised by McGuffi n (1967), and the genus Scopula  was treated again by Covell (1970). Sihvonen and Kaila (2004) and Sihvonen (2005) presented a global phylogeny of the subfamily.