Pachyodes pratti (Prout, 1927)

HAN, HONGXIANG & XUE, DAYONG, 2008, A taxonomic review of Pachyodes Guen e, 1858, with descriptions of two new species (Lepidoptera: Geometridae, Geometrinae), Zootaxa 1759 (1), pp. 51-68: 57-58

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Pachyodes pratti (Prout, 1927)


Pachyodes pratti (Prout, 1927)  

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Terpna pratti Prout, 1927   , in Seitz, Gross-Schmett. Erde 12: 55, pl. 5: c. Lectotype ♂, Sumatra (south-west): Barisan Range , 2500 ft. (BMNH), here designated.

Pachyodes pratti: Holloway, 1996   , Malay. Nat. J. 49: 210.

Redescription [based on photographs, so some characters not observable.] Head: Antenna bipectinate in basal two-thirds, filiform in terminal one-third in male; filiform in female. Labial palpus with venter yellowish brown. Vertex grass green. Thorax: Dorsum grass green; venter yellow mixed with little reddish brown anteriorly. Tegula grass green. Hind tibia with two pairs of spurs. Forewing length 24 mm in ♂. Wings greygreen, suffused with reddish brown and black scales. Forewing with area inside subbasal line grass green; pale grey-green between subbasal and black antemedial lines; outside antemedial line to discal spot suffused with longitudinal striations, striations reddish brown mixed with black-brown, tapering posteriorly; apex greygreen mixed with brown; postmedial line indistinct, serrate, several small black dots visible on veins, edged with white; submarginal line white, serrate in apical region, wavy to anal angle; discal spot black, long, narrow, bent. Hindwing with base inside discal spot not suffused with reddish brown striations; postmedial and submarginal lines less distinct than those of forewing, black dots on veins representing postmedial line; reddish brown patch between CuA 1 and CuA 2; discal spot black, straight, barlike. Terminal line black, interrupted at veins, broader on hindwing. Fringe grass green, much darker and mixed with black at termination of veins. Venter with wing base yellow, distally not suffused with black. Discal spot on both wings large and rounded. Forewing with black postmedial line complete, narrow, curved distally; terminal band discontinuous and incomplete. Hindwing with postmedial line composed of three large black patches; subterminal line represented by four large similar patches. Abdomen: Venter yellow; dorsum grass green mixed with some black; crest reddish brown on segments 3 to 5; last segment yellow. Male genitalia ( Figs. 20 View FIGURES 18–23 , 27 View FIGURES 24–31. 24 ) with socii fused in basal two-thirds, converging terminally, tapering. Gnathos long narrow, pointed, spinulose. Valva strongly sclerotized, conspicuously divided into costal lobe and sacculus, the former with apical margin not spinose, nearly smooth on anterior side, only slightly wrinkled, bearing a blunt process proximally, margins of process almost smooth; sacculus broad with rounded, narrower apex; anterior margin with distal half to apex spinose. Transtilla with a pair of slightly sclerotized expanded processes. Saccus fairly elongate, apex rounded. Coremata present. Aedeagus short, broad, more sclerotized and narrowed posteriorly, with large number of spinules; cornuti absent. Female genitalia ( Fig. 34 View FIGURES 32–36 ) with apophyses posteriores long, narrow, apophyses anteriores very short. Ostium located at middle of segments 7 and 8; ventral side sclerotized, wrinkled; dorsal area slightly sclerotized and wrinkled, without distinct lamella postvaginalis. Ductus bursae very short, slightly sclerotized and wrinkled. Corpus bursae short, broad, wrinkled posteriorly; signum absent.

Material examined. Lectotype, ♂ (here designated), 7.22. Barisan Range, Western Slopes , S.W. Sumatra, 2500 ft., X–XII.1921, C., F., & J. Pratt. (other labels: red ‘Type HT’ label; Terpna pratti Prout   , ♂, type) ( BMNH)   ; Paralectotypes, same data as in lectotype, L. B. Prout Coll. B.M. 1939-643 (one is figured in Seitz XII: t. 9a), 2♂ ( BMNH); INDONESIA: S. E. Borneo: Samarinda, X.1938, M.E.Walsh, B.M. 1939-182 (figured in Moths of Borneo Part 9), 1♀ ( BMNH)   ; Paralectotype, 7.22. Barisan Range, Western Slopes , S.W. Sumatra, 2500 ft., X-XI.1921, C., F., & J. Pratt., ex. B.M. 1♂ ( ZFMK)   .

Distribution. Indonesia (Sumatra, Samarinda), Malaysia ( Holloway, 1996: 210).

Remarks. Prout (1927) did not designate a holotype for pratti   ; Scoble (1999) identified the lectotype (proposed above) as a syntype. A lectotype is designated herein for P. pratti   to provide nomenclatural stability to this taxon.


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Pachyodes pratti (Prout, 1927)


Pachyodes pratti:

Holloway 1996