Pachyodes subtrita ( Prout, 1914 )

HAN, HONGXIANG & XUE, DAYONG, 2008, A taxonomic review of Pachyodes Guen e, 1858, with descriptions of two new species (Lepidoptera: Geometridae, Geometrinae), Zootaxa 1759 (1), pp. 51-68: 65-66

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Pachyodes subtrita ( Prout, 1914 )


Pachyodes subtrita ( Prout, 1914)  

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Terpna subtrita Prout, 1914   , Ent. Mitt. 3: 238. Holotype ♀, Formosa [ Taiwan]: Kosempo.

Pachyodes subtrita: Holloway, 1996   , Malay. Nat. J. 49: 209.

Redescription. Head: Antennae bipectinate in basal two-thirds, black-brown, the longest pectination about 2 times diameter of antennal shaft; filiform in female. Frons with ventral half black-brown, dorsal half white. Labial palpus black-brown, extending beyond frons in both sexes; segment 3 elongate in female. Vertex white. Thorax: Tegula grey-green; dorsum grey-green, venter pale yellow, suffused with reddish brown. Hind tibia with two pairs of spurs. Forewing length 26 mm in ♂. Wings whitish suffused with grey-green, purplish, and black scales. Forewing costa reddish brown mixed with black inside subbasal line, area inside subbasal line almost concolorous with pale grey-green area between subbasal and antemedial line; outside antemedial line to discal spot suffused with tapering reddish brown mixed with black-brown longitudinal striations; apex grey-green mixed with brown; postmedial line blackish grey, complete though weak, forming black dots on veins, with accompanying white scales; discal spot black, bent. Hindwing wing base more reddish brown and black brown; postmedial line indistinct, composed of dots on veins; a small reddish brown oval patch present between CuA 1 and CuA 2 outside postmedial line; discal spot black, long bar-like. Terminal line black, broken on veins, broader on hindwing. Fringe white alternated with grey-brown, more grey-brown upper half. Venter wing base greyish yellow, outside wing base to discal spot greyish black, spreading to lower margin of cell; forewing with broad black terminal band, tapering and broken posteriorly, almost absent between M 3 and CuA 1; discal spot black, oblong; hindwing with terminal band discontinuous, patchy medially; discal spot black, long narrow, bar-like. Abdomen: Dull white mixed with grey-black scales, dorsal crests developed, grey reddish brown (dull whitish in female). Male genitalia ( Figs 23 View FIGURES 18–23 , 30 View FIGURES 24–31. 24 ) with socii fused basally, converging, tapering apically. Gnathos with median process pointed, spinulose. Valva well divided into costal lobe and sacculus. Costal lobe with apical and ventral side irregularly dentate; with medial, ventral ridge, but not forming distinct extending process. Sacculus relatively broad, apex slightly narrower, ventral margin wrinkled medially, posterior and apical margins irregularly serrate. Transtilla a pair of expanded processes, slightly sclerotized. Coremata well developed. Semicircular saccus distinctly protruding. Aedeagus short and broad, narrower and strongly sclerotized posteriorly, with large number of spinules; vesica without cornuti. Female genitalia unknown.

Material examined. CHINA: Hinokiyama , Formosa, 20.V.1935 ( BMNH: 17153), 1♂ ( BMMH)   ; Hinokiyama Formosa , VII.1905, Rothschild Bequest, B.M. -1, 1♂ ( BMMH)   ; Hinokiyama , Formosa, VII.1935, L.B. Prout Coll. B.M.1939-643, 1♂ ( BMMH)   ; Kanschrei , Formosa, 15–29.IV.1908 (A.E. Wileman), Rothschild  

Bequest, B.M. 1939-1, 3♂ ( BMMH)   ; Taiwan: Nantou , 570–800 m, 28–29.IX.1992., coll. F. Aulombard et J. Plante, 7♂ ( ZFMK)   ; INDIA: Sikkim, Knyvett, Collectio H.J. Elwes, Rothschild Bequest, B.M. 1939-1, 1♂ ( BMMH)   .

Distribution. China (Taiwan), India.


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Pachyodes subtrita ( Prout, 1914 )


Pachyodes subtrita

: Holloway 1996

Terpna subtrita

Prout 1914