Trichophysetis flavimargo (Warren, 1897)

Agassiz, David, 2022, The tribe Cybalomiini (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea, Crambidae, Glaphyrinae) of sub-Saharan Africa, Zootaxa 5174 (2), pp. 101-156 : 112

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Trichophysetis flavimargo (Warren, 1897)


Trichophysetis flavimargo (Warren, 1897)

Callinaias flavimargo Warren, 1897: 129 .

Imago (fig. 12) Wingspan 12–19 mm. Head white, maxillary palpus white, tufted, labial palpus porrect, just longer than diameter of eye, white with apex black on outer side; antenna whitish, weakly annulate. Thorax and tegulae whitish. Forewing white, a black spot on costa near base and another above dorsum, a further black spot on costa at ⅓, curved double ochreous antemedian fascia, a second irregular fascia meeting costa at ⅔ becoming more diffuse dorsally, a clear black subterminal line near apex, termen and fringe orange. Hindwing base white, a double dark fuscous median fascia more pronounced in dorsal half, a second less emphatic double fascia followed by fuscous suffusion distally, termen orange.

Male genitalia (fig. 56): Uncus strong, spatulate, slightly broader towards apex, gnathos just over half length of uncus; valva long and slender of similar length to its. broad trapezoidal base, sacculus a pointed structure. Aedeagus simple, a little longer than uncus.

Female genitalia (fig. 88): Ovipositor pads with long setae, ostial plate weakly sclerotised, antrum cylindrical, about three times as long as diameter, ductus bursae membranous, gradually widening into corpus bursae, without signum.

Diagnosis: Distinguished by the white ground colour of wings with deep yellow terminal fringe Life history: not known.

Distribution: South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia,

Type material: Holotype ♀ Weenen, Natal “ Callinaias flavimargo Warr. ” ( NHMUK).

Other material examined: SOUTH AFRICA: 1♂ Naboomspr. 10.i.1927 G.v. Son; 2♀ 1 without abdomen Ndumu, Natal 8–13.xi.1973 Strydon & Jones; 1♂ 1♀ Potgierspoort, Powel i.1939 Coll. Janse ; 2♂ Percy Fyfe Nat. Res. P…t Dist. 1.xii.1965 Potgieter & Goode; 1♂ 1♀ Limburg Tul P…t Dist. 9–10.xii.1961 Vári & Potgieter; 2♂ 3♀ Umkomaas, Natal 1.iv.1915 ; 2♂ 2♀ Buffelspoort 15.xii.1924 A.J.T. Janse; 1♀ Warmb. 9.xii.1903 ; 2♀ Nelspruit x.1917 H.G. Breijer; 1♂ Nylstroom 16–31.xii.1923 GPF v. Dam; 1♂ 1♀ Dwesa Forest 32° 17’ S 28° 47’ E 28.ii – 4.iii.1885 GoogleMaps S. Endrösy-Young; 2♀ Rustenburg 4.i.1927 W. Impney; 2♂ East London 4–8.xii.1956 RM. Martin; 1♂ Warmbed 13.xii.1925 A.J.T. Janse; 1♂ 1♀ Modderpoort 18.iii.1925 A.J.T. Janse; 2♂ Wood Vill xi.1919 C.J. Swierstra; 1♂ Middelfontein xii.1953 D.W. Rorke; 1♂ without abdomen Resolution, Albany Dist. 24.i.1928 A. Walton; 1♂ Bela Visa 11.viii.1924 C.J. Swierstra; 1♀ Cambridge 28–31.x.1948 G.C. Clark; 1♂ Blaney , C.P. xii.1946 G.C. Clark; 1♂ St Lucia Lake 1934 H.W. Bell Marley ; 1♀ Muden, Natal , 4.ii.1954 H. Cookson; 1♂ 1♀ Mfongosi, Zululand W. Jones; 1♂ Kei River Bridge 5–6.ii.1956 A.J.T. Janse; 1♀ Transkei, Umtata 2.i.1989 N.J. Duke; 1♀ Eshowe Forest 26.x.1951 A.J.T. Janse; 1♀ Branddgaai xi.1927 H.S. Hentico; 1♂ Limpopo, Bela Bela Highlands Wilderness Protea Taurea woodland 1483 m 24° 49’ 19.1” S 28° 10’ 23.4” E 9.ii.2013 GoogleMaps H.S. Staude; 1♀ Mpumalunga Province, White River . Mpumalani Guest House 870 m S 25° 21.327’ E 31° 02.304” 5.xi.2017 A.J. Kingston; SWAZILAND: Mlhulhu 18.ii.1994 M.J. Scoble; 1♂ 3♀ Belunga Mts. 15.ii.1997 N.J. Duke; ZAMBIA: 1♀ without abdomen Nkana ii.1934 Mrs Prismall ( TMSA) ;


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Trichophysetis flavimargo (Warren, 1897)

Agassiz, David 2022

Callinaias flavimargo

Warren 1897: 129