Ptychopseustis umbroterminalis, Agassiz, 2022

Agassiz, David, 2022, The tribe Cybalomiini (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea, Crambidae, Glaphyrinae) of sub-Saharan Africa, Zootaxa 5174 (2), pp. 101-156 : 132

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Ptychopseustis umbroterminalis

sp. n.

Ptychopseustis umbroterminalis sp. n.

Imago (fig. 45): Wingspan 13–16 mm. Head pale buff, maxillary palpus upturned, buff, labial palpus 1.5 × diameter of eye with a dark band just beyond halfway; antenna buff. Thorax and tegulae pale buff. Forewing buff, irregular oblique antemedian fascia, sometimes obsolete, pair of spots in disc, second irregular subterminal fascia, black spots along termen, a dark fuscous line in terminal fringe. Hindwing pale buff, dark fuscous spots along termen.

Male genitalia (fig. 78): Uncus broad, gnathos digitate, as long as uncus; valva slender, gently tapered, ventral process just before apex; vinculum with specialised setae, two or three on each side, not angled before apex.

Female genitalia (fig. 107): Ostial chamber cylindrical, ductus with some sclerotisation before wide ductus seminalis, ductus continuing broad then even wider before corpus bursae which has a scobinate patch.

Diagnosis: Distinguished from other species in the genus by the dark terminal cilia and the characters of the genitalia as figured.

Life history: not known.

Derivation: from the colouration of the forewing.

Distribution: Madagascar.

Type material: Holotype ♂ Madagascar, Prov. Maharanja, Tsingyde Namoroke N.P S 16° 28.154’ E 45° 20.090’ 125 m 02–12.ix.2012 G. Martin GoogleMaps ; Paratype ♂ Diego Suarez 12–15.ix.1917 (G. Melou) BM Pyralidae slide 23212 NHMUK103698177.

Other material examined: all [ MADAGASCAR] Diego Suarez (G. Melou) 1 without abdomen 24.xii.1916, 1♀ 1 without abdomen 8.i.1917, 1 without abdomen 16.ii.1917, 1♀ 19.ii.1917, 1♀ 4.iii.1917, 2♀ iii–iv.1917, 1♀ iii.1917, 2♀ 26–28.iii.1917, 1♀ 16.iv.1917, 1♀ 21.iv.1917, 2♀ 24.iv.1917, 1♀ 19.v.1917, 1♂ 1♀ 26.v.1917, 1♂, 1♂, 1♀ 12.vii.1917, 2♂ 2♀ 16.vii.1917, 1♀ 17–26.vii.1917, 1♀ 4.ix.1917 BM Pyralidae slide 23205, 2♂ 10.ix.1917, 1♂ 12–15.ix.1917.