Ptychopseustis sinualis, Agassiz, 2022

Agassiz, David, 2022, The tribe Cybalomiini (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea, Crambidae, Glaphyrinae) of sub-Saharan Africa, Zootaxa 5174 (2), pp. 101-156 : 132

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Ptychopseustis sinualis

sp. n.

Ptychopseustis sinualis sp. n.

Imago (fig. 44): Wingspan 12–15 mm. Head pale ochreous, maxillary palpus short, lpale ochreous, labial palpus> 2× diameter of eye, pale ochreous with central dorsal black spot; antenna pale ochreous. Thorax and tegulae pale ochreous with a scattering of blackish scales. Forewing with termen distinctly sinuate below apex; ground colour pale ochreous with a few scattered blackish scales, a narrow irregular antemedian fascia, a pair of dark spots in disc, an irregular subterminal fascia, a sequence of black dots before termen, fringe line dark fuscous. Hindwing pale fuscous.

Male genitalia (fig. 77): Uncus rounded, gnathos also with rounded apex; valva slender, ventral process before with a blunt poing well before apex; vinculum bearing a pair of coremata each with about four specialised setae two on each side with a node before apex. Aedeagus simple, a long serrate cornutus.

Female genitalia (fig. 102): Ovipositor very long and slender, apophyses posteriores more than half length of abdomen; ductus bursae narrow, about as long as apophyses, corpus bursae spherical sclerotised at junction with ductus, corpus covered with textured sclerotisation.

Diagnosis: Distinguished from other species in the genus by the sinuate termen and clear forewing markings.

Life history: not known.

Derivation: from the shape of the termen.

Distribution: Madagascar.

Type material: Holotype ♀ [ Madagascar] Diego Suarez 15.iv.1917 (G. Melou) NHMUK013696751, Two paratypes ♂ NHMUK010919123 same data as holotype but date 25.iv.1917 and BM Pyralidae Genitalia slide No. 23241, ♀ NHMUK010919122 same data but date 19.ii.1917 and BM Pyralidae Genitalia slide No. 23240.

Other material examined: [ Madagascar] Diego Suarez (G. Melou) 3♂ 16.iv.1917, 23.iv.1917 and 24.xii.1916 (without abdomen) ; 9 ♀♀ 24.xii.1916, ii.1917 (3) , 5.ii.1917, 23.iv.1917, 12.vii.1917, 16.vii.1917, 17-26.viii.1917 ; 1♀ no data E. Diehl 1953 , 1♀ Sabaramy N.E. Madagascar 16.ii.1917 (G. Melou).