Trichophysetis mossi, Agassiz, 2022

Agassiz, David, 2022, The tribe Cybalomiini (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea, Crambidae, Glaphyrinae) of sub-Saharan Africa, Zootaxa 5174 (2), pp. 101-156 : 119

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.5174.2.1

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Trichophysetis mossi

sp. nov.

Trichophysetis mossi sp. n.

Imago (fig. 23): Wingspan 13–15 mm. Head whitish, maxillary palpus tufted pale ochreous about equal in length to diameter of eye; labial palpus porrect, 2× diameter of eye; antenna pale ochreous. Thorax and tegulae ochreous white. Forewing brick red, antemedian fascia paler, often obsolete, some whitish scales before dark fuscous line along termen, fringe reddish fuscous. Hindwing base whitish, some dark fuscous scaling before antemedian fascia, darker dorsally; postmedian fascia similar, terminal area heavily suffused reddish fuscous; termen blackish especially dorsally, a fuscous line in fringe. Abdomen with dark bands matching fascias of hindwing. Legs pale ochreous.

Male genitalia (fig. 64): Uncus broad, gnathos tapered, ⅔ length of uncus, valva narrow, sacculus broad and extending to ¾ length of valva, a pair of pointed structures inside the valvae, saccus a blunt digitate process just ¼ length of valva. Aedeagus simple and straight.

Female genitalia: not examined.

Diagnosis: characterised by the reddish ground colour of the forewings.

Derivation: from Dr Jonathan Moss and family on whose property the species was recorded.

Distribution: Kenya, Uganda.

Type material: Holotype ♂ KENYA, Eastern   GoogleMaps , Lewa 2070m, 0° 8’ 25” N 37° 27’ 28” E 29.xi.2008 D. Agassiz, L. Aarvik & A. Kingston . Five paratypes same locality as holotype including DJLA slide 1597 ♂, 28 & 29.xi.2008 and 2.xi.2113 Agassiz, Beaven, Heckford & Larsen 10–12.xii.2115 D. Agassiz & K.Larsen ( DJLA) .

Other material examined: UGANDA: 1♂ without abdomen, Ishasho River Camp, Q.E. Park v.1961 T.H.E. Jackson ( NHMUK) . KENYA: Eastern , Lewa 2070m, 0° 8’ 25” N 37° 27’ 28” E 30.ix.2008, and 10–12.xii.2015 D. Agassiz & K. Larsen (2) ( DJLA) GoogleMaps .


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