Trichophysetis trilinealis, Agassiz, 2022

Agassiz, David, 2022, The tribe Cybalomiini (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea, Crambidae, Glaphyrinae) of sub-Saharan Africa, Zootaxa 5174 (2), pp. 101-156 : 120

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.5174.2.1

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Trichophysetis trilinealis

sp. nov.

Trichophysetis trilinealis sp. n.

Imago (fig. 24): Wingspan 11–12 mm. Head black, palpi porrect, labial palpus of similar length to diameter of eye, maxillary palpus a little shorter; antennae white, more than half length of forewing. Thorax, collar and tegulae white. Forewing white, becoming increasingly suffused pale brown towards apex, a black spot on costa at ¼, another subbasal spot near dorsum, a curved brown linear fascia from black spot on costa to dorsum, a second fascia meeting costa just beyond halfway, a very weak third fascia from just beyond second curved towards tornus, termen dark brown, fringe shining whitish. Hindwing white, fascias as though continued from forewing. Abdomen white, black spots on segments 3 and 8; legs predominantly white.

Male genitalia (fig. 65): Uncus long, digitate, curved downwards, gnathos ¾ length of uncus; valva of complex shape, a dorsal sclerotised structure with a curved horn-like point, distal part of valva simple, sacculus terminating in another inward-curved point, a pair of long processes arising from vinculum; aedeagus straight and simple.

Female genitalia: not studied.

Diagnosis: clearly distinguished from other species in the genus by the white ground colour of the wings and the pattern of fascias.

Life history: not known.

Derivation: from the pattern on the forewings with three lines.

Distribution: Known only from the type locality in Madagascar.

Type material: Holotype ♂ Madagascar, Ranomafana , Centre Valbio 920 m. 21° 15’ S 47° 25’ E 8–12.iv.2018 D.J.L. Agassiz. Two paratypes ♂ same data as holotype ( DJLA). GoogleMaps













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