Cyphomyrmex rimosus (Spinola, 1851)

Mera-Rodríguez, Daniela, Serna, Francisco, Sosa-Calvo, Jeffrey, Lattke, John & Rabeling, Christian, 2020, A checklist of the non-leaf-cutting fungus-growing ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from Colombia, with new biogeographic records, Check List 16 (5), pp. 1205-1227: 1217

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Cyphomyrmex rimosus (Spinola, 1851)


(26) Cyphomyrmex rimosus (Spinola, 1851)  

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Material examined. COLOMBIA: Amazonas • 1 worker; La Pedrera; 01°35′00″S, 069°28′00″W; alt. 87 m; 29 Apr.–7 May 2001; A. Sabogal leg.; UNAB 4755 GoogleMaps   ; Antioquia • 5 workers; Amalfi; 06°47′43″N, 075° 07′56″W; alt. 1550 m; 27 Oct. 1997; F. Sernaleg.; ME- FLG 5843 GoogleMaps   ; Caquetá • 4 workers; Florencia; 01°30′4″N, 075°39′42″W; alt. 280 m; Sep. 2017; D. Cubillosleg.; UNAB 4754 GoogleMaps   ; Caquetá • 1 worker; La Montanita; 01°28′25″N, 075°32′51″W; alt. 612 m; 27 Dec. 2015; D. Meneses leg.; UNAB 3900 GoogleMaps   ; Cundinamarca • 1 worker; Choachi; 04°31′52″N, 073°55′33″W; alt. 1927 m; 04 Nov. 2013; M. Forero leg.; UNAB 4754 GoogleMaps   ; Huila • 1 worker; El Pital; 02°20′53″N, 075°47′55″W; alt. 921 m; 02 Nov. 2009; D. Briceno leg.; UNAB 4754 GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Large individuals, head width more than 0.62 mm; hairs of gaster coarse, not fully appressed and mostly separated by less than their own lengths; and basal groove of gaster distinct and more than twice as long as wide ( Snelling and Longino 1992).

Distribution. Similar to C. minutus   , C. rimosus   is also widely distributed in the Americas, its distribution ex- tends from southern United States of America, throughout Central and South America to Argentina (Buenos Aires and Mendoza) ( Kempf 1972; Fernández and Sen- doya 2004). Athorough taxonomic study needs to test whether C. rimosus   is a single biological species, or whether it is a complex of cryptic species.