Atkinsonia beijingana ( Yang, 1977 )

Wang, Shuxia, Guan, Wei & Sinev, Sergey Yu., 2016, Taxonomic study of the genus Atkinsonia Stainton, 1859 (Lepidoptera, Stathmopodidae) in China, with descriptions of two new species, Zootaxa 4208 (1): -

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Atkinsonia beijingana ( Yang, 1977 )


Atkinsonia beijingana ( Yang, 1977)  

( Figs 7, 7 View FIGURES 5 – 10 a, 15, 21)

Oedematopoda beijingana Yang, 1977: 148   . Type locality: China (Beijing). Atkinsonia beijingana (Yang)   : Sinev, 2015: 22.

Material examined. Holotype, ♀, CHINA: Qifengcha Village (40°35′N, 116°37′E), Huairou County, Beijing, 15.v.1977, leg. Jikun Yang, genitalia slide No. GW 13022 ( CAU). GoogleMaps  

Additional material. CHINA: 1 ♂, Mt. Baxian (40°02′N, 117°24′E), Ji County GoogleMaps   , Tianjin, 270 m, 21.v.2009, leg. Bingbing Hu, genitalia slide No. NKUGW 008   ; 1 ♂, 1 ♀, Mt. Yingwu (40°07′N, 119°35′E), Hebei Province, genitalia slide Nos. W95171, W95172 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, Qingliangfeng (30°7′N, 119°1′E), Mt. Longtang , Zhejiang Province, 390 m, 18.v.2012, leg. Linlin Yang and Zhenguo Zhang, genitalia slide No. GW 12318 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♀, Shaolin Temple (34°29′N, 113°01′E), Mt. Song , Dengfeng County, Henan Province, 700 m, 15.vii.2002, leg. Xinpu Wang, genitalia slide No. W06110 View Materials GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, Qinmu Village (24°52′N, 109°58′E), Yongfu County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 160 m, 1.v.2008, leg. Hui Zhen and Li Zhang, genitalia slide No. GW 12316 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, Jianfengling (18°43′N, 108°52′E), Hainan Province, 940 m,, leg. Zhiwei Zhang and Weichun Li, genitalia slide No. GW 12320 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ♂, Huguo Temple (27°56′N, 108°37′E), Mt. Fanjing , Guizhou Province, 1390 m, 29.v.2002, leg. Xinpu Wang GoogleMaps   ; 2 ♀♀, Louguantai (34°02′N, 107°52′E), Shaanxi Province, 600 m, 11.v.1995, leg. Aisihagao, genitalia slide Nos. L95380 View Materials , ZH06030. GoogleMaps  

Redescription. Adult ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 5 – 10 ) with wingspan 10.5¯14.0 mm. Head bluish black, with violet metallic luster.

Labial palpus with first segment grayish white; second segment grayish white basally, deepening to blackish brown distally; third segment dark purplish brown, with metallic luster. Antenna purplish black. Patagium shining purplish black. Thorax vermeil except anterior 1/4 bluish black and metathorax grayish white; tegula ochreous. Forewing vermeil, with metallic luster, purplish black or brown at base; with two longitudinal narrow black streaks in some individuals ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 5 – 10 a): one streak extending from basal 1/4 to lower angle along lower margin of cell; another streak from basal 1/4 along anal vein to basal 3/5 of dorsum; cilia dark brown, tinged with ochreous basally. Hindwing grayish brown, with purple metallic luster, basal half centrally with scattered ochreous scales; dorsum with semi-elliptical hyaline space at base; cilia pale brown. Legs purplish black, with scattered white scales. Abdomen black, second and fifth tergites with white scales on posterior margin of dorsal surface.

Male genitalia ( Fig. 15 View FIGURES 15 – 20 ). Uncus broad at base, slightly narrowed to apex, with densely spaced long hairs laterally; apex shallowly notched at middle, forming two tooth-like posterolateral processes. Gnathos reduced. Tegumen trapezoidal, about twice length of uncus. Valva narrow at base, expanded to 3/4, then slightly narrowed towards rounded apex, with dense long hairs in distal 3/5; costa slightly concave medially; ventral margin arched distally; transtilla triangular in basal half, bar shaped in distal half, bent at middle; sacculus narrow, reaching ventro-apex of valva, with long setae ventrally. Vinculum relatively wide, narrowed posteriorly; saccus triangular, about 1/3 length of uncus. Juxta transversely ovate; anellus lobes long clubbed, about twice length of juxta, sparsely setose. Aedeagus approximately as long as valva; basal half broad, nearly uniform, with a sclerotized plate at basal 1/4; distal half gradually narrowed to apex, distal 1/5 ventrally sclerotized, produced to an apical process; cornutus absent.

Female genitalia ( Fig. 21 View FIGURES 21 – 24 ). Papillae anales longer than wide, rounded caudally, with short setae. Intersegmental membrane between papillae anales and eighth abdominal segment about twice length of papillae anales. Apophysis posterior about 1.5 times length of apophysis anterior. Eighth segment straight on posterior margin, with long setae; eighth sternite semicircular in anterior 2/5, eighth tergite sub-rectangular. Antrum bowl-shaped, heavily sclerotized anteriorly, forming an arched sclerotized band. Ductus bursae about half length of corpus bursae, uniformly narrow in posterior 2/3, gradually widened anteriorly. Corpus bursae elongate oval; two signa of approximately same size, crescent, dentate along one margin. Ductus seminalis arising from anterior 1/4 of ductus bursae, long tube shaped, about four times length of corpus bursae, with dilated vesicle at basal 1/3.

Biology. The type specimen collected on tree of Corylus heterophylla Fisch. ex Trautv.   ( Betulaceae   ).

Distribution. China (Beijing, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Zhejiang).

Diagnosis. Atkinsonia beijingana   is similar to A. furcata   in the male genitalia in the sacculus reaching apex of the valva, and the anellus lobes twice the length of the juxta. It can be distinguished by the vermeil forewing; in the male genitalia by the uncus with apex shallowly notched at middle and forming two small tooth-like posterolateral processes, and the aedeagus without microspines. In A. furcata   , the ferrugineous red forewing is mottled dense gray scales from dorsal 1/4 to before apex; and the apex of the uncus is deeply furcate at middle and has two large triangular posterolateral processes, and the aedeagus has numerous microspines.


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Atkinsonia beijingana ( Yang, 1977 )

Wang, Shuxia, Guan, Wei & Sinev, Sergey Yu. 2016

Oedematopoda beijingana

Sinev 2015: 22
Yang 1977: 148