Milnesium tardigradum Doyére,

Kaczmarek, Łukasz, Michalczyk, Łukasz & Diduszko, Dawid, 2005, with a description of Macrobiotus garynahi sp. nov. (Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae: richtersi group), Zootaxa 1053, pp. 35-45: 44

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.170045

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Milnesium tardigradum Doyére


Milnesium tardigradum Doyére 

Material examined: 2 specimens, Russia, Irkutsk Province, East Sayany Mts., 1700 m asl, Arshan, Tunkin Valley, taiga, lichen from Larix  sp., 11.08.2004; leg. D. Diduszko, 8 specimens, Russia, Irkutsk Province, northern part Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal, taiga, lichen from stone, near the coast, 05.08.2004; leg. D. Diduszko


This work was partially supported by a grant to the first and second author from the European Commission's programme 'Transnational Access to Major Research Infrastructures' to SYNTHESYS (grant no. DK­TAF­ 1163).

We want to thanks to Professor Giovanni Pilato ( Italy) for loaning us the type material of M. vanescens  and two specimens of Echiniscus quadrispinosus  . We are also grateful to Dr. Denis Tumanov ( Russia) for the additional information on the morphology of M. alekseevi  . Dr. Wojciech Magowski ( Poland) made the microscope with phase contrast available to us.