Polyrhachis lestoni,

Rigato, Fabrizio, 2016, The ant genus Polyrhachis F. Smith in sub-Saharan Africa, with descriptions of ten new species. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), Zootaxa 4088 (1): 27-28

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4088.1.1

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Polyrhachis lestoni


Polyrhachis lestoni  Bolton

Polyrhachis lestoni  Bolton, 1973: 349, figs. 48, 61. Holotype worker, GHANA: eastern region, Mt. Atewa, primary forest, by pyrethrum knock-down, sample A5/1, 12.vii.1969 (D. Leston) (BMNH) [not seen; Antweb pictures under the code CASENT0903459].

Diagnosis. An easily recognizable alexisi- group species, whose petiole is armed just with a pair of lateral teeth.

This species was known from Ghana only. Yet, some recently collected material strongly increases its known range. It must be pointed out that the weak transverse ridge separating the propodeal dorsum from declivity may be virtually absent in some specimens. In such cases dorsum and declivity are differently sculptured: the dorsum is longitudinally, posteriorly convergently striolate, the declivity superficially reticulate-punctate.

HL 1.25–1.35, HW 1.12–1.19, CI 86–90, SL 1.28–1.35, SI 112–121, FW 0.29–0.34, FI 26–30, PW 1.08–1.11, WL 1.45–1.60, HTL 1.19–1.30. (n=6)

Material examined. CENTRAL AFRICAN REP., P.N. Dzanga –Ndoki, 21.4 km 53° NE Bayanga, 3°02,01’N 16°24.57’E, 510 m, 4.v.2001 (S. van Noort) (1 w, CAS: CASENT0088927 CAR01-S15). REP. of the CONGO: Niari Region, 2.30757 S 12.82985 E, 660 m, 3.vii.2013, primary forest, canopy fogging (L. Niemand) (3 w, AFRC: LN-RC1-087, -088, -034; CASENT0250009, -10, -30); Niari Region, 2.30921 S 12.82224 E, 754 m, 4.vii.2013, primary forest, canopy fogging (L. Niemand) (1 w, AFRC: LN-RC1-089 CASENT0250011). KENYA: Kakamega Distr., Yala, Kakamega Forest, 0.10°N 34.52°E, 1600 m, x.2002, T. n. # 127, fogging Teclea nobilis (W. Freund)  (1 w, HLMD: M 00023); Busumbuli, Kakamega Forest, 0.27°N 34.88°E, 1600 m, i.2003, T. n. # 135, fogging ex Teclea nobilis (W. Freund)  (2 w, HLMD: M 0 0 162, M 00878).