Polyrhachis alexisi Forel,

Rigato, Fabrizio, 2016, The ant genus Polyrhachis F. Smith in sub-Saharan Africa, with descriptions of ten new species. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), Zootaxa 4088 (1): 10

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4088.1.1

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Polyrhachis alexisi Forel


Polyrhachis alexisi Forel 

Polyrhachis alexisi Forel, 1916: 455  , fig. 7. Syntype workers, DEM. REP. of the CONGO (H. Kohl) (MHNG) [not seen].

Diagnosis. The only species of the alexisi  -group with a combination of four petiolar spines or teeth and immarginate propodeum.

This rare, but distinctive species was known from type specimens only (Bolton, 1973). A recently collected worker fully matches the description and drawings reported by Bolton (l.c.) and has these measurements: HL 1.25, HW 1.11, CI 89, SL 1.41, SI 127, FW 0.30, FI 27, PW 1.00, WL 1.56, HTL 1.35.

Material examined. CENTRAL AFRICAN REP.: P.N. Dzanga –Ndoki, 21.4 km 53° NE Bayanga, 3°02.01’N 16°24.57’E, 510 m, 6.v.2001 (S. van Noort) (1 w, CAS: CASENT0089667, CAR01-S66).