Vestalenula cylindrica Straub, 1952, Straub, 1952

Chang, Cheon Young, Lee, Jimin & Smith, Robin J., 2012, Nonmarine ostracods (Crustacea) from South Korea, including a description of a new species of Tanycypris Triebel (Cyprididae, Cypricercinae), Zootaxa 3161, pp. 1-19: 16

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Vestalenula cylindrica Straub, 1952


Vestalenula cylindrica Straub, 1952  

( Fig 7 View FIGURE 7. A H –K)

1952 Darwinula cylindrica   n. sp. —Straub: 497, figs 19–20.

nov. comb. 2001 Vestalenula cylindrica ( Straub, 1952)   —Janz et al.: 185, pl. 3 (22–26). 2008 Vestalenula   sp.—Smith & Kamiya: 275–302, figs 15–17.

Material examined. Five females from wet sediment below water seeping down a near vertical rock face at Oksan-ri, Dalsan-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do (36 º 20 ′ 38.4 ″N, 129 º 16 ′ 28.8 ″E) (locality 5 on Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 ), 5 June 2011.

Remarks. The lateral view of the carapace (height:length ratio = 0.44–0.47) and relative length of the keel on the right valve (ca. 26 % of length of right valve) of the Korean specimens closely match Vestalenula cylindrica   from Japan. However, the Korean specimens are notable in two ways: they are smaller (length 400–438 µm for Korean specimens, 461–481 for Japanese specimens), and the Gm claw on the antenna is relatively longer (ca. 75 % the length of GM, compared with ca. 50 % of GM for Japanese V. cylindrica   ). Previously, only one living population of V. cylindrica   was known, in Lake Biwa, Japan, although fossils of this species have been recovered in Europe and the Middle East (see Smith & Janz 2009 for review of fossil records).