Neohydatothrips surrufus, Wang, 2007

Wang, Chin-Ling, 2007, Hydatothrips and Neohydatothrips (Thysanoptera, Thripidae) of East and South Asia with three new species from Taiwan, Zootaxa 1575 (1), pp. 47-68: 65

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1575.1.3


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Neohydatothrips surrufus

sp. n.

Neohydatothrips surrufus   sp. n.

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Female macropterous: Body with red pigment; dorsum of head, pronotal blotch, meso- and metanotum, abdominal tergites I–V grayish brown, tergite VI whitish; tergites VII–X brown; antecostal ridges of tergites I–VIII dark; antennal segments I–III grayish white, IV–VII brown except base of IV grayish; tibiae and tarsi yellow, fore femur grayish brown, mid and hind femora brown; forewings brown with a sub-basal pale band.

Head short, anterior half with transverse striae, occipital apodeme touching posterior margin of eyes; weak wrinkles between striae on head and occiput; ocellar setae III situated on either side of front ocellus, outside ocellar triangle; maxillary palpi 3-segmented. Antennae 8-segmented, segments II–VI with microtrichia, segment VII about equal in length to VIII.

Pronotum outside of blotch with reticulate striae, blotch with transverse striae and weak wrinkles between striae; blotch with 34 anterior marginal setae on each side, 12 lateral setae, 2 pairs of posteromarginal setae, outer pair longer. Mesonotum and metanotum with dense transverse or longitudinal striae and weak wrinkles. Forewing first vein setal row complete, second vein with 2 distal setae.

Abdominal tergite I with rows of microtrichia laterally; tergites II–VIII with dense rows of microtrichia on areas lateral to submedian setae, longitudinal wrinkles between microtrichia on tergites II–V; tergites II– VII with median posterior comb, especially minute on II–VI; posterior comb on tergite VIII long and complete. Sublateral to antecostal ridges on tergite II–VII with forwardly protruded callosities; median pair of setae situated on antecostal ridge of tergite II–VII. Sternites III–VI with specialized sclerites, anterior portion of sternite VII forming 2 protuberances; sternites without discal setae.

Male unknown.

Measurements of holotype female in microns: Body length 1200. Head dorsum length 48. Pronotum length 108, width 240, blotch median length 60, lateral longest length 80. Forewing length 800. Antennal segments I–VII (L/W): 24/24, 36/24, 56/20, 60/16, 44/20, 48/12, 12/8, 8/4.

Specimens examined: Holotype female: TAIWAN, Pingdung , Kending, on Imperata cylindrical var. major   , 14-iv-1993.  

Remarks: This species is unique by its abdominal shape and color and the obvious protrudings on abdominal sternite VII.