Larnaca (Larnaca) emarginata Bian, Guo & Shi,

Bian, Xun, Guo, Li-Ying & Shi, Fu-Ming, 2015, A new record of Larnaca Walker, 1869 (Orthoptera: Gryllacrididae: Gryllacridinae) from China with description of a new species, Zootaxa 3994 (2), pp. 292-294: 293-294

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Larnaca (Larnaca) emarginata Bian, Guo & Shi

sp. nov.

Larnaca (Larnaca) emarginata Bian, Guo & Shi  , sp. nov. Orthoptera 470142 Figures A –D

Description. Size medium, form robust. Fastigium verticis narrow, about half as broad scape, lateral margins not raised. Scape elongate, longer than length of eye. Eye ovoid. Median ocellus very large, well defined, its diameter slightly longer than the greatest diameter eye; lateral ocelli ovoid, diameter less than the one-third that of median ocellus. Anterior margin of pronotum slightly projecting in middle, posterior margin nearly straight. Fore coxae with 1 small spine; fore tibiae with 5 pairs of ventral spurs and middle tibiae with 4 pairs of ventral spurs. Hind femora with 4 outer spines on ventral surface; hind tibiae with 6–7 pairs of reduced spines on dorsal surface, subapex with 1 small inner spine on ventral surface, apex with 1 pairs of dorsal spines and 2 pairs of ventral spines. Tegmina as long as pronotum, only reaching the middle area of fourth abdominal tergite. Hind wings hyaline, shorter than tegmina. Ninth abdominal tergite curved downwards, split into 2 lateral lobes, hook-like, which crossed and pointed outside, the apical area of lateral lobe slender, apex acute. Cerci conical, nearly straight, apices subacute. Subgenital plate broader than long, anterior margin nearly straight, posterior margin with an obviously V-shaped median incision; styli slender, inserted on the subapical area of subgenital plate (Fig. D).

Coloration. Body black brown. Ocelli yellow. Inner margin of antennal socket, basal area of scape and pedicel, and basal articles of flagellum black brown, the other part of flagellum yellowish brown. Apical area hind femora, basal area of tibiae black and all spines on hind legs black, the other part of hind femora and tibiae tawny.

Female. Unknown.

Measurements (mm). Body: ♂ 19.8–20.8; pronotum: ♂ 5.5 –7.0; hind femora: ♂ 11.5–13.1; tegmen: ♂ 5.5–6.3.

Material examined. Holotype: male, Gaoligongshan, Tengchong, Yunnan, 9 August, 2009, coll. Ming Qiu and Rui- Liang Li. Paratype: 1 male, Gaoligongshan, Tengchong, Yunnan, 7 August, 2005, coll. Hao-Yu Liu.

Distribution. China (Yunnan).

Remark. This new species is similar to Larnaca (Larnaca) microptera (Karny, 1925)  in the tegmina which is as long as pronotum and the basal area of left tegmen not adjoining right one, but can easily distinguished from the latter by: body darker, tegmina without cross-bands and posterior margin of male subgenital plate with 1 V-shaped median incision. In contrast, the posterior margin of male subgenital plate of Larnaca (Larnaca) microptera (Karny, 1925)  is nearly straight (Karny, 1925: Fig. 30).

Etymology. Named with reference to the median incision of posterior margin in male subgenital plate.