Paranisentomon Zhang & Yin, 1984

Nakamura, Osami, 2010, Taxonomic revision of the family Eosentomidae (Hexapoda: Protura) from Japan 2701, Zootaxa 2701, pp. 1-109: 19

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Paranisentomon Zhang & Yin, 1984


Genus Paranisentomon Zhang & Yin, 1984  

Type species: Paranisentomon tuxeni ( Imadaté & Yosii, 1959)  

Diagnosis. Eosentomids with spiracles and three pairs of two-segmented abdominal appendages. Foretarsal sensillum e absent, g spatulate, t2 seta-like. Empodia on middle and hind tarsus short. Abdominal sternite VIII provided with single row of seven posterior setae. On female squama genitalis, processus sternalis often S-shaped.

Distribution. Japan and China.