Storenosoma picadilly, Milledge, 2011

Milledge, G. A., 2011, A Revision of Storenosoma Hogg and Description of a New Genus, Oztira (Araneae: Amaurobiidae), Records of the Australian Museum 63 (1), pp. 1-32: 22-23

publication ID 10.3853/j.0067-1975.63.2011.1579

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Storenosoma picadilly


Storenosoma picadilly   n.sp.

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Type material. HOLOTYPE ♂, ACT, Wombat Ck., 6 km NE of Picadilly Circus , 35°19'S 148°51'E, Jun 1985, Weir, Lawrence and Johnson ( ANIC 42-001693) GoogleMaps   . PARATYPES 5♂, same data GoogleMaps   . 1♂, 1♀, same data except Aug 1985 GoogleMaps   . 1♂, same data except Jul 1985 (all ANIC) GoogleMaps   .

Other material examined. AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY: 1♂, Blundells Ck., 3 km E of Picadilly Circus , 35°22'S 148°50'E, Jul 1985 GoogleMaps   , Weir, Lawrence and Johnson   . 1♂, same data except Sep 1985   . 2♂, same data except Jun 1985   . 2♂, Picadilly Circus , 35°22'S 148°48'E, Aug 1984 GoogleMaps   , Lawrence, Weir and Johnson   . 15♂, 1♀, Picadilly Circus , 35°22'S 148°48'E, Jun 1984 GoogleMaps   , Lawrence, Weir and Johnson   . 5♂, same data   . 4♂, Wombat Ck., 6 km E of Picadilly Circus , 35°19'S 148°51'E, Jun 1984 GoogleMaps   , Weir, Lawrence and Johnson (all ANIC)   .

NEW SOUTH WALES: 1♂, Newnes SF, Sunnyside Rd, 33°22'33"S 150°11'14"E, 15–30 Nov 2005, GAM et al. AMS KS93056 GoogleMaps   .

Diagnosis. Male palp ( Figs 20a–b View Fig ) with TA consisting of two short, blunt tipped projections. MA with elongate proximal projection curving prolaterally and expanding to paddle shaped tip and with narrow, elongate prolateral projection. Embolus simple, broad at base with small basal expansion and narrow tip. Palpal patella with one dorsal spine, palpal tibia without spines. Female epigynum unknown. Tarsal organ capsulate, situated distally of trichobothria.

Description. Male. Measurements: BL 8.40, CL 4.20, CW 3.20, PLE 0.30, PME 0.20. Female. Measurements: BL 9.95, CL 4.20, CW 2.85, PLE 0.32, PME 0.24. For morphological description see species diagnosis and generic description.

Etymology. The specific name is a noun in apposition taken from the type locality.

Distribution. Known only from the vicinity of the type locality in the ACT and Newnes SF in NSW ( Fig. 27c View Fig ).

Remarks. The two female specimens attributed to this species have their epigyna plugged making the morphology unclear. For this reason the epigynum has not been illustrated. However, following the law of parsimony they have been attributed to S. picadilly   , the only known sympatric species of similar size.