Pachodynerus de Saussure

Genaro, Julio A., 2011, Vespidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) of Puerto Rico, West Indies, Insecta Mundi 2011 (202), pp. 1-35: 10

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Pachodynerus de Saussure


Genus Pachodynerus de Saussure  

This is a moderately sized genus, with 45 species recognized in the revision by Willink and Roig� Alsina (1998). These are mostly neotropical, with five species in the Nearctic Region, and P. nasidens   now widely adventive on oceanic islands in the Pacific. Regarding the five species treated here, in the cladograms presented by Willink and Roig�Alsina (1998) Pach. atratus   and Pach. cinerascens (Fabric.)   are sister�species. They are part of a clade of mostly Caribbean species that also includes Pach. tibialis   . The remaining two species, Pach. guadulpensis   and Pach. nasidens   , are part of a more distantly related clade.