Hristovski, Slavčo & Guéorguiev, Borislav, 2015, Annotated catalogue of the carabid beetles of the Republic of Macedonia (Coleoptera: Carabidae), Zootaxa 4002 (1), pp. 1-190: 40

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s. str.

subgenus Aptinus  s. str.

? Aptinus bombarda (Illiger, 1800) 

References. Aptinus bombarda: Mařan 1939 a: 150 (Golešnica, Šar Planina)  ; Hieke 1981: 90; Drovenik & Peks 1994: 102 (Golešnica); Drovenik & Peks 1999: 117 (Golešnica); Ćurčić 2000: 222.

Notes. Hrdlička (2003: 212) has omitted this species for Macedonia. For the time being we follow his opinion since all the samples from Macedonia we examined concern A. merditanus  . The data of Mařan (1939 a), which later were repeated by Hieke (1981), most probably refer to A. merditanus  . All of the specimens we studied from the mountains of Golešnica and Šar Planina concern A. merditanus merditanus  . However, A. bombarda  has recently been collected in the Bulgarian part of the Osogovo Mt. (unpublished information), from a site at a distance of less than 2 km from the Macedonian border.