Pseudotraulia Laosinchai & Jago, 1980

Storozhenko, Sergey Yu., Mao, Benyong, Dawwrueng, Pattarawich, Taekul, Charuwat, Willemse, Luc & Huang, Jianhua, 2022, Revision of the genera Pseudotraulia Laosinchai & Jago, 1980 and Bannacris Zheng, 1980 (Orthoptera: Acrididae) with proposal of new synonyms, European Journal of Taxonomy 846, pp. 42-54 : 44-45

publication ID 10.5852/ejt.2022.846.1963

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Pseudotraulia Laosinchai & Jago, 1980


Genus Pseudotraulia Laosinchai & Jago, 1980 View in CoL

Pseudotraulia Laosinchai & Jago, 1980: 7 View in CoL

(type species: Pseudotraulia cornuata Laosinchai & Jago, 1980 View in CoL , by original designation).

Bannacris Zheng, 1980: 339 View in CoL , 343

(type species: Bannacris punctonotus Zheng, 1980 View in CoL , by original designation). Syn. nov.

Pseudotraulia View in CoL – Otte 1995: 261. — Yin et al. 1996: 589. — Storozhenko 2018: 56.

Bannacris View in CoL – Zheng 1985: 180. — Otte 1995: 276. — Yin et al. 1996: 90. — Li et al. 2006: 211, 669. — Mao et al. 2011: 91.


Head shorter than pronotum. Face in profile slightly reclinate. Fastigium of vertex short, slightly projecting forward. Foveolae absent. Vertex between eyes narrower than frontal ridge between antennae. Eyes large, oval; vertical diameter of eye considerably larger than length of subocular furrow. Frontal ridge distinct, not sulcate. Antennae filiform. Pronotum with low median carina; lateral carinae absent. Prosternal process straight, conical, with sharply pointed apex. Mesosternal lobes broader than long; mesosternal interspace relatively broad; metasternal lobes separated. Tegmina and hind wings well developed. Hind femora moderately slender; dorso-median carina weakly serrated and terminating in a small tooth; ventral genicular lobes of hind knee with angulate apex. Hind tibiae without outer apical spine. Arolium large, reaching apex of claws. Tympanum large, oval. Male 10 th tergite with weak furculae on posterior margin; subgenital plate short; cerci elongated, conical with a small tooth near the apex. Female 10 th tergite without furculae; subgenital plate elongated with triangularly expanded posterior margin; cerci short, conical; upper valves of ovipositor short, thick with crenulate dorsal keels; lower valves with distinct basal tooth. Male genitalia: epiphallus bridge-like, undivided; ancorae well developed and incurved; oval sclerite present; ectophallic membrane thickened to form two heavily sclerotized pocket-like plates connected with proximal parts of cingular valves and apical valves of penis; basal and apical valves of penis connected by a sharply curved, unbroken flexure.


The type species of the genera Pseudotraulia and Bannacris proves to be the same species. Therefore, Pseudotraulia and Bannacris form synonymy with each other. The description of Pseudotraulia was published on 27 October 1980 whereas the description of Bannacris was published on 26 December 1980. Therefore, the latter must be considered as a junior synonym of the former according to Article 23.1 of the Code of Zoological Nomenclature ( International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature 1999).


The genus consists of the only one species distributed in Thailand and South China.












Pseudotraulia Laosinchai & Jago, 1980

Storozhenko, Sergey Yu., Mao, Benyong, Dawwrueng, Pattarawich, Taekul, Charuwat, Willemse, Luc & Huang, Jianhua 2022


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Laosinchai B. & Jago N. D. 1980: 7
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