Raphignathidae Kramer, 1877

Ghorbani, H., Bagheri, M., Ueckermann, E. A., Navaei-Bonab, R., Mehrvar, A. & Saber, M., 2011, Raphignathus Saboorii N. Sp. A New Species Of The Genus Raphignathus (Acari: Trombidiformes: Raphignathidae) From Northwest Iran, Acarologia 51 (4), pp. 425-430: 426

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http://doi.org/ 10.1051/acarologia/20112025



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Raphignathidae Kramer, 1877


Family Raphignathidae Kramer, 1877  

Type genus: Raphignathus Dugès, 1834   Genus Raphignathus Dugès, 1834  

Diagnosis — Body soft to sclerotized; red or yellow in life; idiosoma oval in dorsoventral view; cheliceral bases fused; palptibial claw small, at most one half length of palptarsus; subcapitulum with 2 pairs of subcapitular setae and 2 pairs of adoral setae; dorsum with 11 – 12 pairs of setae, one pair of eyes laterally on propodosomal shield; ventrally, coxae II and III contiguous; two pairs of aggenital setae; genital shield with three or four pairs of setae; anal opening clearly separated from genital aperture and with three pairs of setae; leg empodial axis directly producing 2 rows of tenent hairs; number of male and female solenidia on tarsi often similar, but in male dorsal body shields somewhat fused and solenidia ω on tarsi enlarged.