Pedetontus, Silvestri, 1911

De Jong, Grant D., 2020, Jumping bristletail (Insecta: Apterygota: Microcoryphia) records in the southeastern United States, Insecta Mundi 755, pp. 1-8: 5

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Pedetontus   sp.

These specimens were stored in isopropyl alcohol, and the exsertile vesicles are completely decomposed on almost all specimens. They are likely P. saltator   , but it is impossible to tell how many vesicles existed on each of the abdominal segments, which would be diagnostic. As noted above, 3 males and 5 females of Pedetontoides atlanticus   were collected at the same site by the same collector on 24 June 1986, but those specimens were in good condition (despite the dilute isopropyl alcohol preservative) and the shape of the urosternites and the presence of the parameres on the 8 th abdominal segment in males distinguished that genus. These specimens recorded here are not Pedetontoides   .

MISSISSIPPI: Hancock County: 6♂ + 5♀, Point Clear Island, pitfall human dung, 29 June 1986, P. K. Lago; 1♂, Point Clear Island , 15 August 1986, S. Testa   ; 2♂ + 2♀, Point Clear Island , pitfall, 17 August 1986, S. Testa   ; 1♂ + 1♀, Point Clear Island , pitfall human dung, 17 August 1986, S. Testa   .