Cnemidophorus cryptus Cole & Dessauer, 1993,

Ribeiro-Júnior, Marco A. & Amaral, Silvana, 2016, Catalogue of distribution of lizards (Reptilia: Squamata) from the Brazilian Amazonia. III. Anguidae, Scincidae, Teiidae, Zootaxa 4205 (5), pp. 401-430: 410

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Cnemidophorus cryptus Cole & Dessauer, 1993


Cnemidophorus cryptus Cole & Dessauer, 1993 

Type-locality. Icabaru, state of Bolivar, Venezuela. 

Pertinent taxonomic references. Cunha (1961), Vanzolini (1970), Peccinini (1971), Peccinini-Seale & Frota- Pessoa (1974), Cunha et al. (1985), Frost & Wright (1988), Dessauer & Cole (1989), Peccinini-Seale (1989), Sites et al. (1990), Vyas et al. (1990), Cole & Dessauer (1993), Ávila-Pires (1995), Markezich et al. (1997), Reeder et al. (2002), Colli et al. (2003b), Ugueto et al. (2009), Harvey et al. (2012).

Distribution and habitat. Cnemidophorus cryptus  is endemic to eastern Amazonia, with its western distribution delimited by the Negro River basin (both sides) and Madeira River (eastern side), occurring in Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela ( Fig. 5View FIGURE 5). In Brazil it is known from the states of Maranhão, Pará, Amapá, Amazonas, and Rondônia. Cnemidophorus cryptus  is parthenogenetic (only females known), terrestrial and diurnal, inhabits open vegetation areas with sandy soil, like fluvial beaches and natural enclaves; it is also present in perianthropic situations (agricultural areas, arboreal plantations, around and inside cities); it can be found on open ground, among grasses or shrubs, and low on the vegetation ( Cunha et al. 1985; Cole & Dessauer 1993; Ávila-Pires 1995; Ávila- Pires & Hoogmoed 1997; Vitt et al. 1997b; Mesquita & Colli 2003; Mesquita et al. 2006a; Ribeiro-Júnior et al. 2008).