Epidius mahavira, Benjamin, 2017

Benjamin, Suresh P., 2017, Distributional and taxonomic notes on the crab spider genus Epidius with descriptions of five new species (Araneae: Thomisidae), Journal of Natural History 51 (9 - 10), pp. 469-485 : 481-484

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https://doi.org/ 10.1080/00222933.2017.1302016

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Epidius mahavira

sp. nov.

Epidius mahavira View in CoL sp. nov.

( Figures 5 View Figure 5 (e), 7(a–e), 8(a, b, d, e,), and 9(a–e))

Type material

Holotype, male, India, Tamil Nadu State, Trichanophilai (also known as Tiruchirappalli; 10° 48 ʹ 18 ″ N 78° 41 ʹ 08 ″ E), E. Simon collection, (MNHN14,996; separated from an original vial that contained 1 male, 3 females and 2 juveniles; rest listed below.). GoogleMaps

Other material examined

1 female, 4 juveniles, India, Tamil Nadu state, Kodaikanal, E . Simon collection, MNHN 9822. 3 females, 2 juveniles, same data has the haplotype, MNHN 14996 .


Mahavira is widely regarded as the founder of Jainism. Used as a noun in apposition.


Distinguished from known congeners by the distinctive shape of E (filiform, reaches up to the tip of C), C (cylindrical, enlarged at the centre, tapered towards tip, tip blunted; Figures 8 View Figure 8 (a, b) and 9(a–d)) and RTA (stout, tooth-shaped; Figure 9 View Figure 9 (e)). Females may be distinguished by the oval S, and short CD ( Figure 8 View Figure 8 (d, e)).


Male. Total length: 3.6; prosoma length: 2.1, width: 1.8. Leg I: femur 3.6, patella 0.8, tibia 3.3, metatarsus 3.2. tarsus 1.6. Prosoma brown/yellow, mid and eye regions darker, without prominent markings or conspicuous setae. Opisthosoma with white spots, dorsally with a dark brown folium. ALE = PLE> PME> AME. AER, PER recurved, eyes on brown-coloured mounds, but not touching. Chelicerae with 3 and 2 teeth on pro- and retromargin of fang furrow, respectively. Leg formula 1243. Palps as in Figures 7 View Figure 7 (c), 8(a, b), and 9(a–e), femur and tibia characteristically elongated, femur as long as tibia, furnished with around 6 thick long spines and MTr. RTA present, stout, not well developed. Bulbus ovoid, conductor with a stout tip, not serrated, MA absent. Embolus stout, tapering.

Female. Total length: 5.7–4.5; prosoma length: 2.1, width: 1.8. Leg I: femur 2.4, patella 0.9, tibia 2.4, metatarsus 1.7, tarsus 1.0. In general similar to male. Epigynum without hood, anterior margins not clearer, lateral margins sclerotised. Dual-chambered S connected by a short, thick-walled CD), second chamber enlarged, positioned posterior to first chamber ( Figures 7 View Figure 7 (d, e) and 8(d, e)).


Known only from Kodaikanal and Trichanophilai in India.













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