Massa, Bruno, 2013, Pamphagidae (Orthoptera: Caelifera) of North Africa: key to genera and the annotated check-list of species, Zootaxa 3700 (3), pp. 435-475: 437

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Subfam. Thrinchinae   Stål, 1876

North African Thrinchinae   have been more or less extensively treated by different authors (e.g., Krauss 1902, Vosseler 1903, Bolivar 1908, Salfi 1926, Uvarov 1943). They belong only to two genera, namely Tmethis Fieber, 1853   and Tuarega Uvarov, 1943   . The speciation centre of the subfamily was Asia and North African representatives eventually colonized Egypt and other North African countries through the Middle East and Sinai. Three species belonging to the genus Tmethis   are known (with many subspecies), and only one species of Tuarega   was known till 2011, when other three species were described from Sahara   . Taxonomy of species and subspecies recorded in North Africa is confusing. The study of many specimens preserved in European museums consented me to clarify their actual taxonomical status; I report here the results of my study.