Tmethis maroccanus Bolivar, 1908,

Massa, Bruno, 2013, Pamphagidae (Orthoptera: Caelifera) of North Africa: key to genera and the annotated check-list of species, Zootaxa 3700 (3), pp. 435-475: 440

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Tmethis maroccanus Bolivar, 1908


Tmethis maroccanus Bolivar, 1908 

Material examined. Morocco, Marrakech, 7 ♂, 4 ♀ syntypes of T. maroccanus  and T. maroccanus  var. incristata  ; El Glaui, 1 ♂, 2 ♀; Bou Lourane 15. VI.49, 2 ♀ (MNCN).

The description was based mainly on the smooth integuments, with rounded tubercles and on the peculiar colour of hind wings, with an isolated brown spot (Bolivar 1908); these characters were also reported by Chopard (1943). Only Uvarov (1943) showed the characteristics of this taxon, that consent to separate it from T. cisti  and T. pulchripennis  : the shape of the pronotum is broadly parabolic, with convex margins and low keel ( Figs. 36 –37View FIGURES 32 – 39, 46– 49View FIGURES 40 – 53, 57View FIGURES 54 – 59). Hind tibiae are yellow, hind wings are shorter than tegmina, and in the female tegmina hardly reach hind knees. The epiphallus is similar to that of T. pulchripennis  , with hind lobes relatively small and narrowly separated. When Bolivar (1908) described this species from Marrakech, from the same locality described also the var. incristata  , which is an extreme case of specimens without pronotum keel and of course has no taxonomical value. It covers an inner area of Morocco (Bolivar 1908, Werner 1932). Concerning the record from Colomb-Bechar ( Algeria) by Chopard (1943) see the subspecies hirtus. In addition, considering the high variability of T. cisti, Massa (2009)  considered unlikely also the record by Usmani (2007) from South Libya (Fezzan), that in the light of characters above reported for T. harterti  , could belong to this taxon (see also Neotmethis bidentatus  ). Consequently, T. maroccanus  should cover only the inner western area of Morocco and West Algeria (see below).